Game Of Thrones Scripts Have The Answer To Cersei's Pregnancy Debate

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Game of Thrones is known to be home to a lot of fan theories. Some of them turn out to be true and others not so much. Fans can now take one popular theory out of the potential plot twists, and it involves Cersei's pregnancy.

In Season 7, Cersei shocked Jaime, and many Game of Thrones viewers, when she revealed she was expecting. Fans were skeptical about the news with many believing that Cersei was lying. Well, it turns out, she is not. Cersei is having another Lannister/Lannister baby.

The Cersei pregnancy debate has officially ended with a definitive resolution. How so? Thanks to the Writers Guild of America West's library being open to the public. As a result, content from the scripts for Game of Thrones has been unveiled, via Vanity Fair. Subsequently, the truth about Cersei's baby can be confirmed.

In the Season 7 script where the character makes her announcement, it says that "it's true" and goes on to talk about how Cersei's happiness over the development is "contagious." Later on, Tyrion's deduction of Cersei's pregnancy is also covered. Again, it's proceeded by the word "true." With all of that evidence, there is only one way to read it. The baby news is real!

What this means for Game of Thrones is pretty significant. In many ways, it is game-changing, as any doubt has truly been cast aside. Cersei has an heir on board and her twin brother, Jaime, is the father. Yeah. Knowing how Cersei feels about motherhood, this recontextualizes her potential moves going forward.

The final chapter of Game of Thrones is near. With Cersei coming into that chapter able to justify everything she does because of a new child, it changes things. Daenerys was already dealing with a particularly dangerous rival, but now that Cersei is carrying another baby that she'll want to fight for she will (undoubtedly) be even more lethal, as Tyrion seemed to realize at the end of Season 7.

When Cersei took the Iron Throne at the end of Season 6, she did it without any living children, meaning there would be no Lannister to inherit the throne after her. Season 7 has changed that entirely. Throughout Game of Thrones, Cersei has been ruthless when it comes to the future of her children.

Fighting Daenerys or anyone else for the Iron Throne will now come down to securing her child's future. A mama bear Cersei is a merciless Cersei. The Season 7 scene which cut from Tyrion's realization of his sister and brother's latest child left room to speculate about what happened next, though.

Whether Cersei and Tyrion went on to discuss the future of this child in the event of her being deposed is unclear. Cersei actually being pregnant not only changes things for her and Jaime. It also alters them for Tyrion because he has a new relative to consider, along with their place in the future to come.

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Jon Snow's Revival Is Still A Mystery

While the Season 7 scripts explain a lot, there is one mystery it does not unlock: how on Earth Jon Snow seemed to sink to his death, only to rise from the icy waters -- alive. As with any life-and-death sequence on Game of Thrones, what happened beyond the Wall in Season 7, was rife with suspense.

Jon Snow has beaten the odds so many times that the potential of his luck running out was present. Putting further emphasis on this was Jon's return from the actual dead in Season 6. If Jon died again and somehow magically came back to life in Season 7 though, the script does not say. Meaning that Jon's survival is not, apparently, mystical in nature.

Maybe Jon was doing what he has done both before and since being resurrected. He survived against extraordinary odds with no outside help. There is also another bit of seeming confirmation here.

In the nail-biting and teeth-chattering scene many fans noticed that Jon Snow's sword, Longclaw, made a noticeable change. The eyes on the sword's direwolf pommel went from being blank to being filled in. So, the eyes were empty when Jon was under the water, and then, the second Jon's hand slapped the ice as he began to surface, they were filled in.

The episode's director, Alan Taylor went on to refute there being any intention behind it, in an interview with Insider. The script also appears to back up Taylor's assertion, as the passage cited in the report makes no mention of Longclaw doing anything mystical. Fan theory official closed? Or loose thread still dangling in the wind? Time will tell if Season 8 provides any further evidence.

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Arya Was Right About Sansa's Power Plans

When the Stark sisters reunited, there was a lot of love and a lot of tension as two siblings who have been torn apart by sorrow. Their reunion in Game of Thrones in Season 7 marked a chance for a new beginning. First, they needed to deal with the baggage from the past and the present.

Arya immediately noticed Sansa's ambitions and the threat they posed to Jon Snow. Not wasting any time, Arya confronted her sister's non-defense of their brother, when the Northern lords spoke against him.

To sum it up, Arya goes on to say that if Jon does not return and Sansa plays nice with the Northern lords, they can "work together" to give Sansa what she truly wants. The hint being that Sansa wants absolute power, not the temporary kind, but Sansa denies it. She then puts the onus on Arya for even thinking such a "horrible thing."

Sansa's true motivations have been open to speculation for some time. Her words often say one thing and her actions another. At the time, it was hard to know if Sansa was sincere in her denial.

Thanks to Game of Thrones' Season 7 script, fans can say for sure. It turns out that Arya was right on the money when she accused her sister. According to the script, Arya knew she was right and so did Sansa.

Oh, and as it turns out, Sansa did not get entirely wise to Littlefinger until the Season 7 finale, per the report. It was his accusation that Arya wants to be the Lady of Winterfell that makes her see the truth. So, the takedown of Littlefinger was not an episodes-long arc, after all.

It is undoubtedly a lot of interesting info to have heading into the final season. Game of Thrones Season 8 will premiere in April 2019 on HBO. The number of fall and midseason premieres will leave fans with lots to watch in the meantime.

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