Abby Lee Miller Confirms Return To Dance Moms In Season 8

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Dance Moms' most polarizing star and coach is on her way back to the program. After what has been a whirlwind two years for Abby Lee Miller, the dance coach has officially announced that she will be returning to the series for Season 8. Miller updated her followers on the news via social media and shared some other details on when Dance Moms will go into production.

OMG! Can you believe I'm going to film Season 8 of Dance Moms! Yes, it's official! We begin the end of Jan! #dancemoms #aldcalways #abbyleemiller #season8 #ALDC #thebestisyettocome #aldcla

Rumors of Abby Lee Miller's return first surfaced back in July. The confirmation is the latest in what has been an eventful year for the reality star, who was released from prison earlier in the year and nearly died from a spinal infection. This then led to reports of a cancer diagnosis, although the Dance Moms star hasn't officially confirmed that. Miller has posted pictures of herself in a wheelchair since then, as well as photos of her attending rehab.

Though teases of Abby Lee Miller's return to Dance Moms have surfaced throughout the year, the confirmation is still surprising. Abby Lee went on a tear prior to her prison sentence, and publicly declared she was done with the show. Cheryl Burke was brought in to replace Miller in Season 7, but Season 8 was put on hold. Producers may have been waiting on Miller to complete her prison sentence, and now the show is ready to rock again.

Abby Lee Miller's Instagram post teased that filming wouldn't begin until January, but a post she made back in November teased Dance Mom's cameras have been rolling before that. This may mean Season 8 will dive into Miller's battle thus far, and why she's been cryptic about her official diagnosis to this point. Whatever the case behind the secrecy, it appears as though Lifetime may be working on detailing Abby Lee's struggles since she's left prison.

How these changes will affect Abby Lee's demeanor on Dance Moms remains to be seen. The coach was known to be brutal in her critiques, and has thrown some scathing remarks towards her own young dancers as well as other competitors. Perhaps that will change in Season 8, given some of the life-changing events she's gone through in the past year, and the world will get to see a different side of her personality.

Dance Moms will return for Season 8 at Lifetime, but there's no word as to whether that will happen in 2019 or later. CinemaBlend will keep an ear to the ground for details, as well as keep readers updated on the latest and greatest things coming to television in the future. For a look at what's to come, visit our fall and midseason premiere guides.

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