This Is Us Just Cast A Timeless Star For Season 3

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This Is Us has a lot of questions to answer in the back half of Season 3, and it looks like answering one question in particular will require an addition to the cast. The NBC drama has brought on an NBC TV vet in actor Goran Visnjic, fresh off the cancelled-but-beloved series Timeless. and he'll be appearing in a recurring role on This Is Us.

Also an ER fave, Goran Visnjic will play the role of Vincent will an instructor to Beth at some point in her past. He'll debut in the episode that EW reports will explore Beth's backstory, though it's currently unknown whether that means Vincent is strictly a part of Beth's past, or if there's a chance he'll also surface in the present or future timelines as well.

Also, we're left to wonder what type of teacher Vincent was to Beth. Is he the academic type, or perhaps an instructor of a skill or trade? Goran Visnjic's appearance in Beth's backstory episode makes it seem as though he's a part of the current Beth mystery, which is how she ends up running a dance studio in the future.

Beth didn't exactly show an intense love for dance prior to this, so perhaps this flashback or Vincent will show the ways that Beth wasn't always the person she's been in her marriage with Randall. Maybe she used to be a ballet dancer, and Vincent was her instructor?

Visnjic's This Is Us appearance will be the first TV role from the actor since Timeless ended late last year. His linking up with This Is Us may make the odds of a Timeless return less likely, but it's not like Garcia is necessarily needed in full for a potential comeback, what with the way the series closed things out. If the program did return, odds are Goran Visnjic's recurring status here ensures he'd be able to return in most ways possible.

This Is Us will introduce another character in Season 3: Beth's mom. Empire and The Cosby Show actress Phylicia Rashad will step into the role, as previously announced, and another family member from outside the Pearson clan will make their debut. Season 2 featured Toby's parents, who were played by Dan Lauria and Wendie Malick, so I can't wait to see what TV vets the hit drama brings out next.

NBC's tissue-wasting drama This Is Us returns Tuesday, January 15 at 9:00 p.m. ET. The tears are sure to be flowing heavy from here on out, so be sure to find plenty of happy shows to make the sad go away by bookmarking our midseason premiere guide.

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