Timeless' Writers Really Want The Show To Be Saved

The fight to save Timeless is ramping up. The time travel show has yet to be renewed or cancelled by NBC. So the series' writers are taking their place in the campaign via Twitter to help keep the show's devoted fans' excitement alive. Not that they need much help. Using the hashtag #RenewTimeless, the Timeless writers' official Twitter account has been posting script pages from the show's previous seasons. See the latest entry below:

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It merits mentioning that the Timeless writers' most recent tweet containing the script pages has been retweeted well over a thousand times. In fact, as it stands now, the latest tweet is nearing two thousand shares. The writers' savvy campaign idea is genius, as it helps to stir up fan morale and showcase the still active interest in seeing Timeless renewed. Social media has become the rally headquarters for shows in need of that final push forward, and it has paid off big time for them.

When Fox cancelled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the ensuing social media outcry certainly did not hurt NBC's incentive to pick up the comedy. Most recently, a thriving Twitter campaign to save the cancelled Fox series Lucifer was backed by the show's showrunners and stars. Last week, Netflix swooped in and revived the supernatural drama for a fourth season. Now Timeless fans are hoping for NBC to green-light a Season 3 renewal with a little help from the fans.

Sadly for those Timeless fans, they have been in this situation before. After Season 1, the show was originally cancelled by NBC. But the network eventually called it off, and the show was renewed for an abbreviated second season. The fight to save the show for Season 3 is currently being waged, with fans hoping for a similar result. Ratings don't always take into account fan excitement, which can make or break a show's chance at renewal.

With NBC having announced its slate of fall premiere dates, the best case scenario for Timeless on the peacock network is a renewal that will see the show air in the midseason. If not on NBC itself, NBCUniversal's SyFy is another potential home worth mentioning. Timeless' science fiction bent would make it the perfect fit for the network, and ratings pressure would presumably be less intense

Hopefully, NBC is listening and will take Timeless fans into consideration, just as they did the fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In a year that has seen so many series pulled back from the brink of permanent cancellation, there is great reason to hope NBC or another network, be it streaming or traditional, will save the show.

Until then, stay tuned for news on a Timeless renewal. For new upcoming and returning television shows you can watch while waiting for Timeless to get renewed, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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