Vikings' Floki Disaster May Not Be As Serious As It Seemed

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Warning: This story contains spoilers for the latest episode of Vikings Season 5B, entitled "What Happens in the Cave."

Floki appeared to meet his end on the latest episode of Vikings. The key word being “appeared.” The original character from Season 1 has seen his share of danger in the past and survived. Despite that, Floki’s spelunking expedition to find his gods may have been his ultimate downfall.

After making his way through one close space after another, Floki arrived at a clearing. There, he saw a Christian cross. Seeing this sent Floki over the edge and he started screaming. Thus, bringing down the cave. Floki appeared to have been crushed by the collapse, though his torch remained lit. Did Vikings really just kill Floki off?

Vikings definitely wants viewers to think that it has. The thing is, Floki going out in a cave collapse seems doubtful. You could still hear him breathing when the scene ended. Plus, his torch was still lit, indicating there was still an oxygen supply in the cave. It could have been a pretty short supply though.

Floki dying all alone and without no one to really confirm his death seems like an unexpected way for him to die. Vikings also hinted it was a bit of a cliffhanger, which means the next episode may pick up with Floki’s status. By the end of the installment, his fate is a question mark, not a period.

Vikings has not been shy about dealing out definitive deaths to characters in Season 5B. The Seer, Heahmund, and Aethelred all met undisputed ends. As did Episode 19’s opening death: Judith died in the installment’s first few minutes. Vikings was not shy about their fate. Leaving Floki’s to the imagination indicates a lack of finality.

While it may feel anticlimactic, Floki could also be dead. His storyline in Season 5B could have easily been the last gasps of his adventure. He tried to start his own settlement to underwhelming results for its participants and this viewer.

Floki’s story has in many ways played out. Looking back, it seems like Vikings was saying a long goodbye to Floki throughout Season 5B. His death in the cave has a narrative symmetry to it.

Floki previously expressed interest in sacrificing himself to the gods and in a way, he did. His rage at what he found was a manifestation of his anger and love for his gods. He expressed that for them and got crushed under rocks for it.

If Floki’s body is not recovered, people could think he disappeared, leaving the true nature of his death an enigma only viewers know the answer to. As a character that has always been a bit of a mystery, his end connects to that motif.

Find out if Floki survived when Season 5B continues next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on History. Vikings is among many series that will continue airing new episodes during the early midseason.

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