3 Vikings Characters We're Worried About After Watching The New Trailer

Warning: This story contains spoilers for the latest episode of Vikings Season 5B, entitled "Baldur."

Vikings is gearing up for one epic episode after its previous one set the stage for a lot of plot shockers. The promo for Episode 19 shows not just one character in danger, but three! Watch the promo below:

If you are surprised that Vikings showed the reveal of Freydis admonishing Ivar, you are not alone. In the promo, Freydis can be seen sorrowfully confronting Ivar over him killing baby Baldur. Her words seem to seal the infant's dire fate.

Ivar had left Baldur for dead towards the end of the episode. Despite that, there was some reason to hope a villager or someone else had rescued him from the fate Ivar had left him to suffer. Based on Freydis' words, that hope seems dim. All of this leads us to the first character in jeopardy on the next Vikings.

vikings freydis


After Ivar was confronted, he can be seen attacking Freydis. He then turns the tables by accusing her of lying about him being the father of Baldur. Whether Ivar has actually grown wise to the truth or he is just saying it to get the attention off of his guilt is unclear.

Ivar is right about Baldur's paternity, but he may not know it. He could just be saying it out of anger. It seems like he asks Freydis if Baldur was his biological son and then he says "you lied to me" as a definitive statement. It all leads one to wonder if his question is asked and answered.

Or if Ivar is asking whether Baldur was his son rhetorically and then making the assertion he was not. Regardless, Ivar is not known for his restraint and him attacking Freydis does not bode well for her.

vikings ubbe


Freydis is not the only one who the promo places in jeopardy. The Vikings trailer also shows the trajectory of Ubbe's one-on-one combat with his opponent. It does not look like Ragnar's son is going to prevail easily, if at all.

This is a fight to the death, so Ubbe either wins, or he dies. Ubbe appears to make a critical move at the 8-second mark. However, two seconds later, he is shown in really bad shape. It turns out that it is Ubbe who was the one shown splayed out in the earlier Vikings promo, not Rollo.

Ubbe's fate is unclear. He looks very out of it, and the way his body falls indicates he could be unconscious or about to be. Ubbe's eyes can be seen almost appearing to roll back in his head. It is not a good sign for Ragnar's son. That being said, he could just be exhausted and collapse after pulling out a nail-biting victory.

It is tough to imagine Vikings letting him go. Ubbe has a prominent position in Wessex, and he has come into his own in Season 5B. There is too much potential to have him killed off so soon.

vikings bjorn


Speaking of fights -- the Vikings trailer reveals that Bjorn and Harald's tensions will come to a head in explosive fashion. While Harald's words hint at Bjorn having to kill him to settle matters, their quarrel could be resolved without that.

Bjorn and Harald's stories both seem far from over. So, fans should probably not expect two sons of Ragnar to fall in Vikings' next episode. Between Bjorn and Ubbe, Bjorn is arguably the safer of the two. Both of the brothers will likely endure the episode.

Find out which characters survive the next episode when Season 5B continues next Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET on History. Vikings is among many series that will continue airing new episodes during the early midseason.

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