Fuller House Is Ending, But It's Not All Bad News

Fuller House Season 5 screenshot on Netflix

Fuller House is ending. The spinoff and sequel series following D.J. Tanner and her pal Kimmy Gibbler (plus their respected families and extended families) will be wrapping up on Netflix, but only after the next set of episodes hits the streaming service.

News broke this week that Netflix had ultimately made the decision to call a wrap on the show, although the streaming service promises in a new announcement that in regards to Fuller House it “saved the best for last.”

Netflix isn’t quietly letting Fuller House go into the night. In fact, the subscription streaming service is letting people celebrate the end of the series with a new video.

I’m not sure if we’re supposed to feel super emotional about the end of the show, even with that footage. To me, the fact that Fuller House was even able to make it to the air, much less produce multiple seasons of episodes is a huge accomplishment.

The original eight seasons of Full House have ended up becoming classic TV in the time since they first aired. I’m not sure the public was even aware there was still appetite for new episodes of the family-oriented sitcom before Netflix dumped them in our laps. While maybe the show isn’t as memorable or groundbreaking as it once was, Netflix has proven the series is still watchable.

We’ll be able to catch one more set of Fuller House episodes before it fades gently into the bottom of our Netflix queues.

For a long time, Netflix was a haven for cancelled network and cable series. It also felt separate from the ratings cycle, which meant shows could overstay their welcome on the streaming service should Netflix choose to keep products around for varying reasons. However, more recently Netflix has started cutting content. What used to be mainstays like House of Cards and even Daredevil have been cancelled.

In addition, newer shows, including Seven Seconds, have never made it past Season 1 on the streaming service.

However, for Fuller House, the show will get a final season to wrap up its story. The news comes just over a month after the sitcom premiered its fourth season on Netflix. Because Netflix does not typically reveal streaming numbers for its shows, it's unclear if the decision was based on viewership numbers, production costs or even executive producer Jeff Franklin's removal from the show. What we do know is that the final set of episodes are expected to hit Netflix next fall.

Most of Fuller House's seasons have included 13 episodes and we will let you know whether or not the episode count remains the same as well. If you count the original episodes and the streaming service episodes, fans will have spent 13 seasons with these characters from start to finish. That's not a bad run at all.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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