Dancing With The Stars' Carrie Ann Inaba Wants To At Least Make It To Season 30

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Original Dancing with the Stars judge Carrie Ann Inaba is in no hurry for the reality dance competition to end. When asked how long she saw the series going on for, Inaba cheerfully proclaimed that she hopes to see it continue for at least three more seasons, saying:

Let’s hope we at least make it to [Season] 30. And then from there — wherever.

Carrie Ann Inaba’s dream of making it to Season 30 is likely a doable and realistic goal for the long-running reality competition series. It is nice to hear Inaba give such an enthusiastic response. Dancing with the Stars most recently wrapped up Season 27, so it would only require the veteran series to do three more seasons to hit the big 3-0.

Of course, many fans could likely envision and hope the longtime series makes it beyond Season 30. There has been a slight roadblock, or rather a delay in getting to Carrie Ann Inaba’s goal, however. Dancing with the Stars is not returning this spring, whereas in past years the show has produced two sets of shows within a given TV season. Regardless, as Carrie Ann Inaba also noted in the interview, a fall season is still on the horizon.

Carrie Ann Inaba also spoke to Build Series about how all of the original judges are still on Dancing with the Stars, which is one of the big reasons why she feels the show still resonates with audiences and may continue to do so into Season 30. Reflecting on that accomplishment and its meaning, Inaba said:

It’s nice. I think we’re familiar to people and in this day and age when there’s so much turmoil going on in the world people want something that makes them feel comfortable, familiar, and safe.

It certainly has not hurt Dancing with the Stars' popularity that Carrie Ann Inaba, Bruno Tonioli, and Len Goodman are still judges on the ABC property. Hopefully, that will remain the case until the series ends, you know, someday in the very distant future.

Coming up on 14 years on the show, their camaraderie remains a special aspect to the show. For this viewer, part of the fun is trying to predict how the judges will respond to the dances. They each bring a unique and wonderful quality to Dancing with the Stars, and in the interview Carrie Ann Inaba also talks about how it took her time to hone her personality on the show and how to figure out the best way to give constructive criticism when contestants' are bringing their all to the show.

As for the future of Dancing with the Stars, the series will hopefully take some time to reconfigure itself. Carrie Ann Inaba seemed very hopeful regarding the quality of the show upon its return. Which is good, because Season 27's run saw it engulfed in lots of controversies.

Frontrunner Juan Pablo Di Pace was voted off the show after receiving perfect scores -- one of many shocking eliminations that have occurred throughout the series’ 27 seasons. Radio personality Bobby Bones and his pro partner, Sharna Burgess, were ultimately declared the winners of Season 27, despite being more of a fan-favorite than a great dancer, as well.

In between the latest season of Dancing with the Stars finishing up, Carrie Ann Inaba has been named The Talk’s newest co-host. She has previously revealed how she plans to balance doing both shows.

Will Dancing with the Stars make it to Season 30? The series is still a water-cooler hot topic and considering how long, it has been at it, that is impressive. Season 30 is a nice number to have made it to. After that, viewers will have to wait and see. Whenever Dancing with the Stars returns for Season 28, it will air on ABC. In the meantime, there is a lot of new content arriving throughout the midseason to keep you entertained.

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