Fuller House Stars Jodie Sweetin And Candace Cameron Bure Give Dancing With The Stars Advice

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Dancing with the Stars has been fortunate to have two of Fuller House's leading ladies put on their dancing shoes for the popular reality competition. Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin both had impressive runs on the series. For Season 27, Dancing with the Stars has welcomed their co-star Juan Pablo Di Pace to the ballroom. Cameron Bure and Sweetin had some advice for Di Pace. Cameron Bure and Sweetin weighed in saying:

Jodie Sweetin: Just enjoy the moment and have fun.Candace Cameron Bure: It's so fun. You're gonna love it!

Sounds like great advice, and Candace Cameron Bure and Jodie Sweetin definitely know what they are talking about when it comes to the series. Cameron Bure finished in third place in Season 18 with pro partner Mark Ballas, while Sweetin competed four seasons later in Season 22. She came in sixth place with pro partner Keo Motsepe. Cameron Bure and Sweetin's words of wisdom are going to come in handy for Juan Pablo Di Pace, who has already advanced to the second week of the competition.

The Fuller House star started strong in his Dancing with the Stars debut with pro partner Cheryl Burke. The duo scored 22 out of 30 for their sultry salsa, so his co-stars' advice certainly did not hurt him. Candace Cameron Bure revealed that Juan Pablo Di Pace told her about his participation in Season 27 before the official announcement was made while asking for some advice about the road ahead. Talking to ET, Cameron Bure said:

I'm so excited for him, I can't wait! And he's been asking all kinds of advice, I've been sharing everything I possibly can ... everything from social media to how you have to calm the emotions in the beginning. I'm like, 'You can't stress out now. If you make it to week six or seven, then you can stress out, but right now you have to enjoy it and let the audience love you.' 'Because you're amazing, and when they see you and know your personality, they're gonna fall in love with you,' 'And just remember that it's as much of a personality contest as a dance contest because America is voting so, they wanna watch your journey!'

Candace Cameron Bure is absolutely correct about the personality aspect of the competition, as it plays a significant role in the contest. Based on his results, Juan Pablo Di Pace's first foray onto the dance floor met with the desired effect. The Fuller House star not only survived elimination, but he and pro partner Cheryl Burke were also not announced as being in the bottom five. Di Pace had finished his debut night towards the top of the judges' leaderboard.

With his Fuller House co-stars having made it through a lot of the competition, they have the background to know what works. The next dance step in Juan Pablo Di Pace's Dancing with the Stars journey will transpire with New York City and Las Vegas night in Week 2. Di Pace and Cheryl Burke are set to quickstep on Night 1 and foxtrot on Night 2. Find out how they do when Season 27 continues!

New episodes of Dancing with the Stars air Mondays and Tuesdays starting at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The fourth season of Fuller House is expected to bow on Netflix sometime this year. In the meantime, a lot of new television shows are set to premiere this fall on the streaming giant, and it is not the only outlet offering some fresh content.

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