Pretty Little Liars' Creator Reveals Her Biggest Challenge Making The Perfectionists Spinoff

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Pretty Little Liars’ creator has revealed her biggest challenge making its spinoff series, The Perfectionists. Speaking exclusively to CinemaBlend’s Nick Venable, I. Marlene King shared:

Well, the challenge was, it's based on the Sara Shepard book, like Pretty Little Liars, but there was no A. And we know our fans needed an A, right? You need to know that there's a bad person out there, or bad people out there, who you don't know. There is an A-like persona on this show, and so coming up with that concept was the most challenging part. Then, I think think we nailed it. You'll get there by Episode 10, which is the first finale.

As any Pretty Little Liars fan can likely attest, the series’ multiple villains were a huge player on the show. In conjuring the spinoff, Pretty Little Liars’ creator has made that persona for the show. Every show needs their “A,” and it sounds like The Perfectionists will eventually get its version.

Fans will just have to wait a while before that concept pays off. Pretty Little Liarscreator revealed that by The Perfectionists’ first finale, the show would have gotten there. Ten episodes is a more than manageable wait. So, what has excited I. Marlene King the most so far? King responded, saying:

Honestly? Growing the family. It's really fun, when you have your first kid and you're pregnant with your second, you're not sure if your heart's big enough to love something else as much. It's that feeling. So it's been growing a family and meeting new people. We call them the PLLs and the Perfs, or the PLL Perfs. They're all such great, great young people, and so growing the family and getting to know people was really fun. Plus, we're shooting it in Portland which is very different from Pretty Little Liars.

This fan can relate to the sentiment of wondering if another cast of characters can be as lovable as Pretty Little Liars.’ Based on what is known about the spinoff so far, it sounds like fans can rest easy on the subject. As every avid television fan knows, the heart always makes room for new shows and characters.

The Perfectionists is the spinoff of a long-running and beloved series. It should not take long for affection for the new cast of characters to stir. Helping ease the transition is that the Pretty Little Liars spinoff will feature some familiar faces too.

Alison and Mona will both be featured in the spinoff. So, expect some familiarity. Viewers will experience a significant difference in scenery by leaving Rosewood for Beacon Heights.

In a massive change from Pretty Little Liars, as I. Marlene King mentions, The Perfectionists is filmed in Portland, Oregon. The original show was shot in California. Considering the location, viewers may be able to anticipate seeing their share of rainstorms.

They can sometimes be a bit eerie when put on-camera. Pretty Little Liars fans will have to see if that gives The Perfectionists’ an ominous edge over its predecessor. If the show’s premise is any indication, it is not backing down from the foreboding feeling of Pretty Little Liars.

The Perfectionists will follow a group of college friends, hiding certain things after Beacon Heights’ first murder. What I. Marlene King shared about The Perfectionists is getting this fan very excited for the new series. You can watch the latest trailer for the Pretty Little Liars spinoff below:

Did I tell you it is exciting? The Perfectionists will premiere Wednesday, March 20 on Freeform. Here is to that wait getting a little shorter. You can catch up on, or refresh your memory of the original series on Netflix, among many other shows. The spinoff is among the new shows coming to television during the midseason.

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