Chicago Med Cast A Pretty Little Liars Star For Season 4

Ezra Ian Harding Pretty Little Liars Freeform?

Chicago Med already has one alum from Pretty Little Liars within its ranks, and it's getting another before the end of Season 4. Fans of both shows will soon see actress Torrey DeVitto reunite with Ian Harding as he's been added to the cast as a recurring character. What's better is it appears the two will be spending a good deal of time together on screen, as Harding's character description teased a tie to Dr. Manning.

As mentioned, Ian Harding has been confirmed for multiple Season 4 episodes on Chicago Med. TVLine reported Harding will play Phillip Davis, a man facing a "medical crisis" that will result in him bonding with Dr. Manning. It's not presently known when Harding will make his debut, but he will be seen eventually and apparently fairly often before Season 4 draws to a close.

As mentioned, both Torrey DeVitto and Ian Harding have starred together on a show previous to their reuniting on Chicago Med. Harding played Pretty Little Liars resident English teacher Ezra Fitz, and Devitto played Melissa. The two seem excited to be working together again, as Devitto shared a picture of the two that spread the news of the casting to fans on social media.

The two are apparently "trailer buddies" on set, although we don't know if that's just a cute bit for publicity or they're actually sharing a trailer. It would make sense to share a trailer considering their two characters will "bond' over some sort of unknown medical crisis that will plague Ian Harding's character. Perhaps Harding's character suffers from PTSD and in revealing his past trauma they both realize they're from a town where a bizarre murder took place?

It's more possible Dr. Manning will bond with Phillip perhaps due to something involving the current state of her relationship with Will. Perhaps the two bond over some issue she confides in him about, or some sparks fly between the Doctor and her patient and jeopardizes her future marriage? We're not entirely sure Chicago Med is planning to go that far with this bonding moment, but we're sure Pretty Little Liars fans wouldn't be all that upset if it did.

Or maybe it would anger a few, considering these two's Pretty Little Liars characters never interacted in a meaningful way on the Freeform series. A tender moment could send Aria superfans into a frenzy, as the thought of Spencer's shady older sister locking lips with Ezra might be too much to see even if it is on another show. We have no idea if something like that is even happening, so PLL fanatics shouldn't get too worked up just yet.

Chicago Med airs on NBC Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is coming to television in the near future, be sure to visit our fall premiere guide.

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