Did That A Million Little Things Character Actually Leave The Series?

Ashley exiting A Million Little Things on ABC.

We’re 100% about to get into spoilers from the most recent episode of A Million Little Things. If you aren’t caught up, now is the time to check out one of our other lovely articles.

A Million Little Things gave audiences a doozy of an episode last week. The soapy drama finally revealed more of John’s secrets and his former assistant Ashley got caught in the crosshairs. Luckily, John had bought her an open-ended ticket to Barcelona before her death. She exited for Barcelona at the end of the episode, in what seemed like the end of her arc. But was it? Not so fast.

Speaking out about Ashley’s storyline on A Million Little Things, executive producer DJ Nash revealed that audiences are only saying goodbye to Ashley for now and not forever, noting,

Good or bad, our show is a soap. On some great soaps, things happen and people come back. We sent [Ashley] away, but maybe she comes back knowing a lot of Spanish.

Per what DJ Nash told TV Line, there’s certainly going to be more from Ashley coming down the pipeline. She, after all, was the key person working with John on his business affairs. She wanted to get with him romantically, but he thought of and wanted her as a confidante, a person he could share his business stress and concerns with while withholding them from his family.

In the last episode, we also learned he had shared some personal facts about a mysterious “other life” he had alluded to before he became the John his friends had known and loved. There’s a lot of mystery still surrounding John’s past. Now that the rest of the gang has found his double life and additional apartment, they might be able to glean some of these secrets.

Still, somehow I feel like Ashley holds the key. (Both literally and spiritually, as John’s friends and family had to borrow a key from the neighbor to get into the apartment.) She likely knew about the video recordings in the second apartment, recordings which are mysteriously missing. While she came clean about the Rutledge Trust, she lost the respect of John's wife Delilah, as well as the likes of her ally Gary. I suppose there's no place to go but Barcelona at this point.

Regardless, actress Christina Ochoa did reveal one key detail about Ashley’s trajectory. She may not be done with A Million Little Things, but she also is 100% stating that Ashley will not be around for the rest of Season 1 revealing she's "not going to be in it." Thirteen episodes have aired so far out of 17, so that means the next four are going to be Ashley-less. On the bright side, ABC has already picked up the soapy drama for a second season. So, Ashley will be back, it's just a question of "when?"

New episodes of A Million Little Things air on Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET, only on ABC. Take a look at what else is rolling out at midseason with our full TV premiere schedule.

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