How A Million Little Things Is Crushing It In Season 1

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ABC's attempted answer to This Is Us is making its mark, and it's clear that there is nothing little about A Million Little Things' audience. The drama premiered back in late September, and its ratings indicate it is completing crushing its first season, especially when it comes to Live+7 delayed viewing stats.

Six episodes into its Season 1 run, A Million Little Things is posting seriously impressive Live+7 numbers. The series' fourth episode surged an incredible +105% in total viewers after delayed viewing was added in, per Deadline. That number marks this fall TV season's biggest playback growth in total viewers on broadcast television.

The good news does not end there, either. Those stats almost make A Million Little Things the only show on a major network to deliver a triple-digit percentage bump in total viewers. Even from his grave, Jon would be impressed at this success.

On average, A Million Little Things is network television's number one playback gainer in total viewership, with an increase of 94% from Live+Same Day totals to the Live+7 numbers. It is the third-highest percentage gainer when it comes to the key demographic of adults aged 18-49. First and second place both belong to other ABC dramas: How to Get Away with Murder takes the top slot with The Good Doctor taking second.

With pretty stunning stats such as these, there is no room to wonder why ABC has been enthusiastic about the secrecy-tinged drama. A Million Little Things has already been picked up for a full season by the network. It will be comprised of 17 episodes, so there are another 11 episodes that could make even more waves in DVR viewing.

In the years since Nielsen and other companies have had the ability to take delayed viewership into account, more shows are gaining new ground to assert their values and worth with audiences. Where Live+Same Day numbers are still considered the gold standard, delayed numbers demand for certain shows to be given more consideration. Thus, offering a new lease on life to shows that are not heavily watched live.

Tabulating those numbers is especially helpful for shows that air later in the evenings, such as A Million Little Things. The ABC drama airs at 10 p.m. ET, and staying up until 11 o'clock during the work week to watch live TV is sometimes a daunting task. Thanks to DVRs, fans can now wait and watch at their leisure, and apparently any time of the week is a good time to watch A Million Little Things.

The numbers make it clear that A Million Little Things is finding a devoted audience. Set in Boston, the ensemble drama follows a circle of friends as they navigate the ups and mostly downs that follow a good friend's perceived suicide. It offers heartwarming moments and emotional trauma, tied up with a slightly mysterious bow. It's one of the relatively few network television dramas to not be a procedural set in the legal, police, or medical field.

NBC's breakout hit, This Is Us, has clearly helped create a surge in network television's interest in making viewers sob. If A Million Little Things can keep numbers like this going, the cast and crew probably won't have any tears to wipe away.

New episodes of A Million Little Things air Wednesday nights on ABC at 10 p.m. ET. The freshman drama is a part of the ongoing slate of fall premieres, so be sure to check out everything else that's hitting primetime.

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