Legacies Finale Will Have Landon Face His Father, And Put Alaric's Future In Question

Sounds like the Legacies Season 1 finale is going to the Dads. There are 16 episodes in the first season, so we still have six episodes left at this point. But Julie Plec -- creator of Legacies and ruler of The Vampire Diaries Universe at large -- previewed what's coming at the end of this road. It sounds exciting and potentially dangerous for Landon Kirby (Aria Shahghasemi) and his mysterious dad, and very worrisome for Salvatore School headmaster Alaric Saltzman (Matt Davis):

The end of the season truly brings everything to a head. We take Landon all the way, face-to-face…ish with his father. We really pay off Hope’s character and her journey from being solitary and not wanting any friends to being a girl in love who’s sort of built a squad around her. We pay that off in spades. We also leave Alaric’s future hanging in the balance. We leave a lot of questions, but it’ll be very clear that we’ve been building to a big reveal and a big moment, and we’re really excited about the cliffhanger.

There's a lot to unpack in what Julie Plec told TVLine! First of all, yes to Hope Mikaelson's new squad. Hopefully it has Josie Saltzman (Kaylee Bryant) on board for more #Hosie fun. Either way, Klaus would be proud. He needs Hope to find peace to find his own true peace in the afterlife.

Landon's dad? I'm down with the theory that the mystery guy who keeps popping up -- and pushed that guy into the Malivore pit -- is Landon's father. He at least seems to be the season's overall big bad. Having him also as Landon's dad would need some explaining. It may not be the case. But we do know Landon's mom Seylah got pregnant in Malivore, so he has to have some kind of supernatural background.

TVLine had asked Julie Plec if Legacies would introduce Landon's father by the end of Season 1, and she gave the middle-of-the-road answer of "yes and no." She added that it's "something that is going to be unraveled" and "we're meeting-ish."

So that's another "ish" when it comes to Landon and his father. In the quote above, about the season finale, she said Landon would be taken all the way face-to-face-ish with his father.

Is the "ish" because Landon has to go into Malivore himself, and maybe he doesn't quite talk to his father, but we see him in some way? It's very possible that young guy is not Landon's dad and that's just a false trail. But Landon heading into Malivore for a faceoff of some kind does sound about right. Luke, I am your father!

Speaking of dads, though, what about Legacies' #1 pop, Alaric Saltzman? Matt Davis brought his character over from The Vampire Diaries, and he's basically the anchor of the whole show. Hope Mikaelson is the main character, coming over from The Originals, but Alaric is the headmaster of the school, father of the twins, sparring partner of Hope, and the link to Caroline Forbes Salvatore (who is only ever involved in the story by phone call or offscreen trip).

It's interesting that Julie Plec said that they'd leave "Alaric's future" hanging in the balance, as opposed to his life. Maybe he just wants to retire, and pass the running of the school on to Dorian or Emma? Eh. Not really buying that idea. 'Cause would he really leave his twins Lizzie and Josie like that?

Maybe it would just be temporary, to go off to Wherever and help Caroline as she tries to find ways to stop the twins from having to undergo the Merge at age 22? That might make sense, especially if he felt like he could trust Emma, Dorian, Hope, the twins, and company to run the school in his absence. They aren't just kids anymore.

That's pure speculation at this point, and there's a lot more story ahead before we even get to the Season 1 finale. It sounds like we won't know much more even then, since Julie Plec said Legacies finale will leave us with many questions. It's a good thing The CW has already renewed the show for Season 2! At least we know more will be coming in the 2019-2020 season. (Please say Caroline will be making an appearance, and also maybe the twins' Uncle Kai and maybe even Hope's Aunt Freya.)

Legacies is taking a break on Valentine's Day but it will return with Episode 11, "We're Gonna Need a Spotlight," on Thursday, February 21 at 9 p.m. ET on The CW. Bookmark our 2019 midseason schedule to see what else is on TV.

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