Comedy Central's Jordan Klepper Arrested While Filming New Project For Network

The Opposition with Jordan Klepper Comedy Central
(Image credit: Gavin Bond/Comedy Central)

Jordan Klepper has been arrested while filming his new project for Comedy Central. The arrest occurred in Atlanta, Georgia. Klepper was among a group of people taken into custody. What happened?

The docuseries, currently going by Klepper, was filming a Board of Regents meeting in the Georgia Capitol Building. A group of protestors arrived at the meeting to support undocumented students, per Deadline. Upon disrupting the meeting, the group was told to leave, which they did not do.

Georgia State Capitol Police then arrested those refusing to leave, which included Jordan Klepper, for criminal trespass. In total, nine people were taken into custody. Partial video of the protest and at least one of the ensuing arrests has made its way to Twitter.

Jordan Klepper has already taken to social media to speak out on his arrest. Along with the caption, he also posted a picture of him being placed in the cop car. You can check out his Instagram post below:

The arrest is Jordan Klepper’s first. Time will tell if it is his last while filming his upcoming show for Comedy Central. Back in June, his series The Opposition with Jordan Klepper was cancelled after one season. Despite that blow, the news for Klepper quickly took a hopeful turn.

As one announcement marked the end of the short-lived show, there was another that heralded another show starring the personality. Following the cancellation, the news was quickly shared that Jordan Klepper was not done at Comedy Central.

Accordingly, the network announced that they had green-lit Klepper. The series will mark a notable change of pace from Jordan Klepper’s previous show on Comedy Central. For starters, it will be a docuseries that airs weekly, instead of multiple episodes a week.

In the docuseries, he will be outside of the studio, operating in the field. The show’s initial premise teased Jordan Klepper traveling the country and sharing conversations with real people, as he made his way across.

Given his history starting out as a Daily Show correspondent, the decision seemed like a natural transition for Jordan Klepper. As of February, he has made it as far as Georgia.

His arrest is likely to also be documented on the docuseries. When the footage and the rest of the season can expect to air remains to be seen. Upon the announcement of the series, Klepper was aiming for a 2019 premiere date. So, fans of the personality may see it soon. Or at least by the end of the year.

While social media and news reports have captured one side of the story, Klepper should capture the lead up and the fallout of his arrest.

While awaiting the premiere of Klepper, there is a ton of new TV content heading your way during the midseason.

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