NCIS' Ziva Twist Caused Fans To Freak Out Online

ncis ziva interrogation

Major spoilers below for the latest episode of NCIS, so be sure to watch before reading on.

NCIS fans all over would agree that the show has pulled off quite a few mega-shocks over the course of its 16 seasons, seemingly more so than ever in recent years. Case in point: the episode "She" pulled off a gigantic whopper of a twist with the reveal that former star Cote de Pablo's ZIva David is actually still alive, even though fans have thought for years that she'd been killed off. As one might expect, the show's fanbase lost its collective mind on social media.

The GIF below, which showed up in a few different places, is generally a solid example of what most NCIS viewers were feeling whenever the episode revealed that Ziva's secret office had been recently occupied by someone we're all readily assuming is actually Ziva herself.

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Good use of network synergy there. One wonders if The Big Bang Theory's Sheldon is aware of Ziva David's storyline, which had seemingly wrapped up in Season 13, when it was revealed that she had been "killed" in a mortar attack ordered by the CIA. Most definitely not time for a "bazinga!"

For those who had a slight bit more composure and were able to form some, if not all, legitimate English words, this reaction probably feels comparable.

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Definitely one of those moments where a TV show will make someone want to slap their computer keyboard around as if it would be capable of providing answers.

The fan below probably wouldn't mind if Sheldon freed up that paper bag.

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Another common theme among all these NCIS fan reactions is the super-sized curiosity over who else was in on Ziva's secret. Considering the note referred to "the safety of my family," it's easy to make the assumption that Tony DiNozzo, the father of their child Tali, was very much aware that she had faked her death. Some fans have thought as much since Michael Weatherly's final episode.

Perhaps the "family" she refers to isn't so much about Tony and Tali as it is about her former work family, as led by Leroy Gibbs. That seems to be what this fan was mulling over.

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Regardless of who Ziva was actually talking about in that note, I think it's safe to say that NCIS fans would be doubly gobsmacked if the CBS drama did indeed bring Cote de Pablo and Michael Weatherly back for a few hectic life updates.

This viewer in particular seems to be wondering if Bull is successful enough to keep Weatherly away from the show that made him a household name. (Unless the person is actually just looking to see if Bull is worth watching.)

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Last but not least – and most certainly not actually last, since there are tons of other reactions out there – we have the kind of fan who just knew the day was coming when NCIS would make the big reveal that Zika is still alive…and that person cannot wait to rub it in.

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Did you guys see that big Ziva twist coming, or did it take you completely by surprise? Plus, what’s going to happen next? Could NCIS actually bring the beloved former cast members back for a one-off reunion before Season 16 calls it quits? We’ll just have to wait and see (while petitioning the network and hitting anyone involved up on social media).

NCIS airs every Tuesday night on CBS at 8:00 p.m. ET. We're almost definitely going to get another season out of this drama, so hopefully the writers can find ways to keep the Ziva story going.

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