The Big Bang Theory's Bazinga Catchphrase Finally Got Explained On Young Sheldon

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One of the most recognizable lines from The Big Bang Theory is Sheldon's catchphrase -- "bazinga!" As fans know, it is used to signal the completion of a prank. While the meaning has been understood, how it originated has not. Well, The Big Bang Theory's prequel series Young Sheldon has shed light on that lingering mystery.

First things first, how did this whole prank business begin? Young Sheldon revealed that his concerns over being too serious compelled Sheldon to develop his sense of humor. This led him to orchestrate practical jokes. Herein lies the origin story of "bazinga!" so brace yourself.

That journey took him to a comic book store, where he purchased several practical jokes. He ended up playing many of them on his family. The practical jokes Sheldon bought were made by the Bazinga Novelty Company. The company's name undoubtedly plays a role, but that is not where the origin of "bazinga!" entirely lies.

The company's tagline holds the key. Bazinga Novelty Company's slogan was "If it's funny, it's a Bazinga!" and that is how Sheldon's catchphrase was born. You can see the sign for yourself below:

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It is an elaborate solution to a years-long mystery. Instances such as these are why you have to have a prequel, folks. They can explain the mysteries and backstory of incidents that occur on the original series. It is slightly surprising that Young Sheldon got the scoop on this one. The catchphrase originated on The Big Bang Theory along with Sheldon.

With the CBS sitcom in the midst of its final season, fans may have expected the mystery to be solved on there. It would have been a sort of full circle touch to the series. Of course, Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory are deeply connected.

After all, they do share their main character in common. So, this is in no way a stretch or cheat. Now, the question fans will need to hash out is if the answer was worth the wait.

Young Sheldon has provided answers to things connecting The Big Bang Theory's mythos before. In one such instance, it foreshadowed a major development in Sheldon's adult life. Young Sheldon revealed that at some point in the future, Sheldon would start a family. The Big Bang Theory is clearly not there yet. Interestingly, the "bazinga!" reveal comes shortly after a huge crossover episode between the two series.

This latest reveal should provide some solace for fans already grieving the impending end of The Big Bang Theory. With Young Sheldon around, there should be more reveals in store. Sheldon's story will not be over when The Big Bang Theory ends next year. It will just continue in a different way.

The Big Bang Theory's twelfth and final season continues Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS. Its spinoff Young Sheldon airs Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. on CBS. The sitcom is one of many series airing new this fall and the midseason.

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