HBO 2019 Mega-Trailer Has New Game Of Thrones Footage Of Arya And A Dragon

As Oscars night looms near, HBO seems dead set on having cinephiles discuss a bit of television while watching the awards be doled out. The network just dropped a big mega-trailer for its 2019 programming. In addition to a litany of other things, we've been treated to some fresh footage from Game of Thrones' final Season 8. Take a look below, and see what could be Arya's reaction to seeing a dragon for the first time.

Well, Arya seems rightfully impressed by that sight. That said, one would really have to question what's going on in this girl's head had she reacted to one of Dany's dragons with anything less than astonishment with a small smile. Now, there's a chance these two Game of Thrones scenes don't air back to back and are two separate sequences, although those folks scattering behind her make it seem as though they've seen a dragon as well.

Drogon flies ahead of the troops, and appears to be flying without a rider on his back. It's possible Dany and Jon put the kibosh on that after watching Viserion get sniped by that ice spear, or they're just choosing to ride down amongst the troops. The latter makes sense, especially considering it might be slightly calming if frightened villagers see this terrifying beast is in Jon's corner.

Game of Thrones isn't the only returning series to HBO this year, as footage rolled for Veep, Barry, Ballers, Divorce, Succession, Silicon Valley, and Big Little Lies. Out of the returning shows, Big Little Lies got a bit of a longer look, perhaps due to the all-star cast and to highlight the addition of Meryl Streep. Veep also got a decent cut, which makes sense considering it's the acclaimed comedy's final season.

With shows leaving, HBO is already planning on premiering some new quality content before the year is up, with Zendaya's Euphoria the first mention of the exciting trailer. Watchmen and His Dark Materials are seen later on, but are definitely given the Game of Thrones level of screen time in their glimpses. We get shorter looks at The Righteousness Gemstones, Mrs. Fletcher, Gentleman Jack, and Los Espookys, which all look great even in those brief shots.

Of course, we'd be remiss to leave out the footage from the Deadwood film, which is something folks have waited a long time for. There's also a brief look at Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright's O.G. Several other projects and specials are teased in this jam-packed trailer -- including Native Son and Catherine The Great -- and they're evidence enough HBO has a lot in store for 2019. The question is, will these all be as good as this trailer makes them look?

Audiences can find out with an HBO subscription, or a subscription to the digital streaming services HBO GO. CinemaBlend will provide updates for many of those shows in the meantime, as well as keep audiences informed on the great things headed to television. For a look at new shows on the horizon, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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