HBO's Deadwood Movie Is Finally Happening, For Real This Time

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Get ready to ride again, Deadwood fans! No, your dust-filled eyes are not deceiving you. The TV movie that Deadwood fanatics have been waiting to see for roughly twelve years is finally about to happen. According to the head honcho of HBO programming, Casey Bloys, the network is moving forward on the much-anticipated movie, and he provided some actual details for when production is set to begin, and when the cabler hopes to have the movie premiere. Here is the information you have been dying to know.

Speaking at the Television Critics Association's summer press tour, Casey Bloys delivered the big Deadwood news fans thought may never come. Beyond the amazing announcement, Bloys said that the production team is currently ogling an October start date, with the hopes of fans seeing the long-awaited movie premiere by the spring of 2019, via The Wrap. Years of hoping have finally been answered, and no one may be more surprised than self-declared cynic Timothy Olyphant. A few months ago, the Seth Bullock portrayer shared his expletive-laden doubts regarding whether the movie would ever actually come to fruition.

The (also expletive-laden) western ran for three seasons on HBO, cultivating a devoted fan following that has only barely forgiven the network for ending it too soon. To ease the pain of the show's cancellation, series creator David Milch made plans for two two-hour TV movies that would conclude the depth-filled story. Twelve years later, news of one film finally being greenlit was officially declared, and now it's legitimately in motion. For fans, who have had their hopes dashed several times through the years, seeing a teaser trailer or first look picture will be the moment it all becomes real, and the Al Swearengen quotes can flow like saloon potables.

Today's confirmation comes quite some time after news had made the rounds regarding a potential fall 2018 start date for production, which is the timeframe that was confirmed today, so thankfully no hiccups arose in the meantime. Now, fans will wait to hear confirmation regarding the cast. Now is the time to remind fans that the now-greenlit movie's script was incredibly well-received by one of its stars, Kim Dickens. The actress previously revealed to CinemaBlend that it brought tears to her eyes, which is pretty much one of the most encouraging things you could hear.

The Deadwood movie has over a decade of anticipation on its shoulders, so expectations are going to be high. That said, Deadwood's creator David Milch has had over a decade to perfect a script that so many have been anxious to see brought to life. With fall in the not so distant future, the first pics and teasers should not be so far off either. Until then, fans can take heart in knowing they are truly closer than ever to seeing it hit the small screen. It should be worth the wait.

Stay tuned to CinemaBlend as more information regarding the release of Deadwood's TV movie becomes available. Now is the time to start reliving or binge-watching the series. Deadwood is currently streaming in its entirety on Amazon Prime. For new television shows set to arrive soon, check out CinemaBlend's guide to TV's summer premieres.

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