The Masked Singer Season Finale: Watch The Monster Dazzle The Judges With His Dance Moves

This week marks the Season 1 end to one of the most bizarrely popular reality competitions on TV, The Masked Singer, which still has two celebrity entertainers left to be unmasked. A clip from the episode was released that shows off not only Monster's vocal talents, but also his fanciful foot work. Check him out below, and try to lock down who it might be.

Can we all agree that the most shocking element in this video is that it took The Masked Singer until the season finale to bring Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It" into the mix? That 1995 single feels like it could have been used in every single one of The Masked Singer's commercials.

Back to Monster, though, who takes advantage of being one of the final two contestants by making sure everyone can see how spot-on his dance skills are, despite the fact that he's dressed head to toe in light blue fur. He might look like a combination of Monsters Inc.'s Mike and Sulley, but he's obviously rocking way more confidence than those two animated spooksters. After all, the city of South Central does it like nobody, not even Monstropolis' citizens, does.

Check out this particular move, which may look familiar to those with an affinity for early boy band choreography.

masked singer monster dancing like donnie wahlberg

Curiously, after Monster rocked out the quick dance move seen above, judge Jenny McCarthy said the name of her husband, Donnie Wahlberg, whose groundbreaking group New Kids on the Block made those leg moves as popular as could be. Funnily enough, Wahlberg was previously suspected of being inside the Rabbit suit, even though that ended up being NSYNC's Joe Fatone. (Wahlberg's manner of dodging questions is kind of epic, too.)

The big question everybody obviously has is, who's inside that Kenan Thompson costume? Wait, no, it's who's inside the Monster costume? The fans have spoken with a resounded roar, guessing with certainty that musician T-Pain has been sweating it out inside that Monster suit all season. T-Pain, who over-emphasized the use of autotune effects in pop songs, has got both the voice and the dance moves to match Monster's talents,

Plus, many of the clues that have been shared about the celeb match up with T-Pain's own life. He's been labeled and misunderstood, he streams video games on Twitch, and other details. If it's not T-Pain, then the musician may have found his personality doppelgänger in Monster, who legit used autotune during his first video clues.

T-Pain isn't the only guess that fans have for Monster, but he's the one that makes the most sense. The other big prediction is former The Voice judge Cee-Lo Green, who mostly vacated the public spotlight back in 2014 in the midst of dealing with an investigation and court case centered on sexual battery accusations made against him. This would be an interesting return to primetime TV for the R&B singer, but not a very likely one.

Who do you think is in the Monster suit? Let us know below, and don't forget to watch The Masked Singer's season finale on Fox on Wednesday, February 27, at 8:00 p.m. ET.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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