How Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell Will Be Involved in The All That Revival

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Nickelodeon's '90s sketch comedy All That is on its way back to TV. A big question many fans automatically had was, "How much will original cast members Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell be involved in the revival?" Here is what Thompson had to say:

Whoever’s down to come do it, we would love to have them in my opinion. I know Kel [Mitchell’s] coming back, and I remember working close with Josh Server as well. I think all the old cast members should come support the new cast members. That’s just how it should go.

There you have it. Kel Mitchell will indeed be back for the All That revival! Kenan Thompson shared the delightful news with Page Six, even though details are still scarce given the early stages of the redevelopment process. When Nickelodeon announced the revival, All That’s co-creator had mentioned having cast members from the original series return for it, but it's far more exciting to get more specific confirmations.

Based on what Kenan Thompson is saying, things are already taking form on the "bring the old cast back" front. Along with Kel Mitchell’s return, Thompson also mentions the potential of All That cast member Josh Server making a comeback. Server was game to return for the previous reunions, so here's hoping he continues that streak.

It was already known that Saturday Night Live star Kenan Thompson would be executive producing the All That revival, and his update is bound to stir lots of excitement among fans of the original. Arguably the most successful star to come from All That, Thompson has a super busy career that probably doesn't allow him to easily get so hands-on with projects like this.

Which brings us to the biggest follow-up question: Since Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell were leading cast members on the original, also co-starring on Kenan & Kel together, will fans get to watch Thompson getting back on the small screen in any way? On making an on-camera return, Thompson said:

I’m not exactly sure about that yet because I’m all tied up with my NBC stuff, but hopefully we’ll figure it out soon.

With Saturday Night Live and a new NBC comedy in the works, it is entirely understandable that it will take some time for Kenan Thompson to figure out his schedule. Hopefully, he can make some All That appearances happen. There is still a considerable amount of time left to work things out, which helps.

If Kenan Thompson is able to put in an appearance on All That, it will not be the first time he has reunited with his former co-star Kel Mitchell. For one, the duo went on Nickelodeon’s Double Dare reboot together. Coincidentally, or not, Josh Server also took part in one of the Double Dare revival's episodes.

All That premiered in 1994 and ran for ten seasons before coming to an end in 2005. Back in 2016, there was an All That reunion of sorts that relit everyone's nostalgia fires. It took around three more years for the beloved show to officially make its way back, but one hopes it will have been worth the wait. The revival is set to feature a new cast, with Kenan Thompson taking an active role in the revival’s development.

All That is set to return sometime this coming summer. Since summer is the season when television tends to take a break, Thompson may be able to find a little room there. Or at least one can hope. To pass the time while waiting, tons of shows are ready for viewers to dive into during the midseason.

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