The Bachelor's Latest Elimination Was Infuriated By The Other Women On The Show

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Spoilers ahead for the February 25 episode of The Bachelor on ABC.

Colton said goodbye to another contestant in last night’s episode, and it was a shocker. Caelynn Miller-Keyes did not receive a rose from Colton, subsequently sending her home. Now, she is speaking out about her fellow contestants’ assertions that she was not ready for marriage. Caelynn said:

It still frustrates me. It still infuriates me. Because, if you watch it back, I fell in love with Colton. I was fully in love with Colton. I went home and told my parents, 'Listen, it's me. I'm gonna be engaged in a couple weeks. Meet your future brother, or son-in-law, or brother-in-law, sister-in-law.'

Time is not healing this wound for now. Caelynn talked about her frustrations with the other women to ET and at an intriguing setting. She did so at last Friday’s taping of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All. The seasonal special in which the women open up about their experiences on the show.

Will Caelynn expand on her frustrations during the special? Bachelor Nation will have to watch and see. But, why not get it all out? The whole idea is to air one’s feelings. As for how she felt about being eliminated in the most recent episode. Caelynn did not mince words before re-addressing the other women’s expressed views on her not being ready for marriage. Caelynn said:

I was completely blindsided. For people to undermine my relationship and say that I'm not ready for marriage is infuriating because you can't tell someone if they're ready for marriage or not... Nobody knows if you're ready for marriage except for you.

True, but does Caelynn think that the other women’s discussion of her readiness to marry impacted Colton’s decision? She does not explicitly state either way in these particular soundbites. Colton’s elimination of Caelynn means that Hannah G., Tayshia, and Cassie are left to vie for the final rose.

Caelynn had been sent reeling by the elimination, and afterward, Colton took The Bachelor’s host, Chris Harrison, aside for a private chat. The contents of which are still a mystery. Will they remain that way for long? It seems doubtful. Speaking of Colton, he explained why he decided to eliminate Caelynn, saying:

I think you can ask why Hannah, why Tayshia and why Cassie over Caelynn. One thing that I wish I could have articulated more to Caelynn tonight: It was nothing [about] where our relationship was. It was where the others were.

So, it was not their relationship, but his stronger relationships with the other women that led to the breakup. Colton’s answer is reminiscent of the classic breakup line: “it’s not you; it’s me.” Regardless of his reasons, Caelynn is still processing everything, which makes complete sense. The rest of Bachelor Nation will get a chance to hear her weigh in during The Women Tell All special.

The Bachelor and Colton’s search for his soul mate will continue and ABC is teasing some big decisions from Colton. As for the moment everyone will be talking about, Colton’s fence jump will occur on the March 4 episode. To find out if Caelynn confronts the other women and what she has to say to Colton, the Women Tell All special airs the next night on March 5.

One thing that Bachelor Nation can now cross off their list of suspected reasons for Colton’s fence jump is an interaction with Caelynn. Find out how Colton Underwood’s search for his soul mate continues, when new episodes of The Bachelor air Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The latest season is among many shows airing new this midseason.

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