Superstore Actors Reveal Funny Penis Scene That Was Too Risque For Network Censors

Dina Looking At Glenn's Penis In Health Fund

Superstore is known for a lot of things, but those things do not include being one of the more risqué comedies on television. Thanks to running at 8 p.m. ET over at NBC the show has had to change plotlines on occasion to make sure it doesn't cross any invisible lines.

While CinemaBlend's own Jeff McCobb was speaking with Superstore leads Lauren Ash and Mark McKinney at NBC’s midseason junket, they revealed one scene in particular that didn’t make it past the network censors. The actors, known for playing Dina and Glenn, talked about a scene where Glenn nearly slapped Dina in the face with his penis. But don’t take it from me, here’s what Ash and McKinney said the alternate take would have looked like.

Per the actors:

Lauren Ash: The episode last season where Glenn has a weird mole on his penis, and Dina is gonna check it out for him. There was a take that we did where I got too close, and it slapped me in the face, which I think was hysterical.Mark McKinney: I think that was really good, too.Lauren: But the people said, 'Too risqué for TV.'Mark: Even blurred out.

The episode in question, “Health Fund,” aired back during Season 3 of Superstore. The plotline regarding the weird mole on Glenn’s penis is left intact during the episode, but the dick-slapping take did not make the cut. The episode in question revolved around the Cloud 9 team realizing their health plan was terrible, a plot point which ties in to the state of healthcare in the U.S. as a whole.

If you caught “Health Fund,” you may already know that the episode is still pretty penis-centric. Glenn has Dina look at the weird mole on his anatomy, although obviously viewers don’t get as much of a close-up as she does. However, Lauren Ash confirmed there was no chance any version of the dick slap was going to pass muster, telling CinemaBlend,

Even blurred out, we can't dick-slap one of the actors, unfortunately. Not for NBC at 8:00.

The episode in question actually becomes important later for both Glenn and Amy, as the former believed he couldn't have kids if he had penis cancer and the latter ended up wishing she had better healthcare after getting pregnant and needing to stay in the hospital while in labor. It should also be noted that Glenn and his wife ended up using Dina as a surrogate and Dina had a better hospitalization experience than Amy because of manager’s insurance.

While a dick slap would have made for another major comedic moment on Superstore, “Health Fund” was still an amusing watch without it. For more jokes that are just on the right side of the line for network TV, tune in to watch Superstore when it returns to the schedule on March 7 at 8 p.m. ET.

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