Why Superstore Didn't Use That Big Fan Theory About Amy's Pregnancy

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When Amy revealed she was pregnant to Jonah in the penultimate Season 3 episode of Superstore, fans were sure they knew what was coming next. Clearly, the kiss the two shared in the episode prior went a little further than what the series had shown, and now Amy was pregnant with Jonah's child and not her ex-husband's like she had been saying. Series creator Justin Spitzer ended up subverting fan expectations and bringing the two together in a different way, although he did admit they had considered the popular fan theory even though they ultimately went in another direction:

It's funny, because there was one writer who specifically kept pitching that very thing. At the time, I thought it'd be surprising, but given how many people predicted [the potential paternity twist], I guess [not]. . . . I felt like it'd be robbing the audience of the joy of seeing them get together. To just say, 'This couple that you've been waiting to get together for so long had sex last month and we just didn't show it' [felt wrong].

Justin Spitzer is of the opinion there's nothing wrong with a little bump n' grind, and if Amy and Jonah were gonna hook up, Superstore was gonna show it. Spoiler alert for those that missed the finale, the two ended up hooking up for all to see as the device Garrett set up to sabotage the Cloud 9 town hall accidentally broadcasted their sexcapade to every Cloud 9 store around the world. The moment allowed for fans to see Amy and Jonah's big hook-up that was three seasons in the making, while still keeping the dynamic between the two of them extremely complicated.

Justin Spitzer told TVLine the Superstore team could've done what fans wanted, although it's arguably better how things unfolded the way they did in the Season 3 finale. Amy and Jonah hooking up while she's pregnant with her ex's baby could complicate relationship talk, and the fact that Amy's ex, Adam, was looking to reconcile prior to her hookup with Jonah being broadcasted to the entire Cloud 9 world will certainly make this a sticky situation. There's also Jonah's ex, Kelly, who had her suspicions about Jonah's feelings for Amy throughout their entire relationship. Now that their encounter is being shown to the entire store, how will Kelly respond to the confirmation that her assumptions were correct? Judging from her brief conversation with Carol in the Season 3 finale, it's possible that whatever revenge plot she has in store for Jonah in Season 4 will be maliciously brutal.

Superstore just completed Season 3, but anyone who missed any episodes on NBC can currently binge the entire series on Hulu. For a look at other things coming to streaming services in the near future, be sure to check out our Netflix and Amazon premiere guides. Anyone looking for a more generalized list of upcoming television shows coming in 2018 can visit our summer premiere guide.

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