Star Trek: Discovery Finally Revealed Adult Spock And A Big Connection To The Original Series

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

Adult Spock finally made his debut in Season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, but he was not the Vulcan we're familiar with seeing on the original Star Trek. While Spock was looking far from Leonard Nimoy's portrayal, fans were treated to one big connection to the original series that should continue to bridge the gaps between the show's pilot Discovery, and the original Star Trek. Here's what happened, and how Talos IV may come into play in Season 2.

Spock was finally located, and it turns out mama knows best when it comes to the half-human/half-Vulcan. Burnham confronted her adoptive mother Amanda on Spock's whereabouts, and after some prodding, she led him to a place on Vulcan she was keeping him unbeknownst to Sarek. Burnham reunited with her brother for the first time in a long time, but it was clear this was not the brother she's used to seeing.

Spock was disheveled and, as Michael pointed out, repeating the principles of logic to himself on a loop and lines from the book Alice In Wonderland. He was mentally broken, but Amanda kept him in hiding in hopes he would eventually ground himself and come to his senses. Her plan was foiled when Sarek arrived and was upset at what he found. At the same time he was also conflicted because he did not want to turn over his son.

His solution was to ask Michael to take Spock to Section 31, where they could get Spock the medical treatment he needs to get mentally well again. Then, once he was of sound mind, it could be ruled as to whether he was actually responsible for the murders he was accused of. Michael, Amanda, and Sarek truly believed Spock didn't commit the crimes, so from a logical standpoint the course of action made sense.

Unfortunately, Section 31 had no intention of healing Spock, and Mirror Geogiou gave Burnham the heads up the memory extractor they intended to use would likely kill him. Burnham was shocked by the typically evil Terran's confession, but thanked her all the same as she helped Burnham successfully escape with Spock from the ship. Once on board, Burnham typed in the numbers Spock had been repeating before, but in reverse. As she suspected earlier, they were coordinates to a location.

That location was Talos IV, which fans of the original Star Trek are likely familiar with. Talos IV was the planet Pike and Spock visited in the failed pilot "The Cage," and was later revisited in the actual series episode "The Menagerie." Michael and Spock's visit takes place between those two episodes, so there's potential for a big connection to the original series on the horizon.

A preview for next week's episode has already teased the large-headed psychic Talosians will appear, but no sign of Pike's fling Vina. This planet is Captain Pike's future home, after Spock commandeers the ship in Star Trek to deliver him to Talos IV despite threats of massive punishment from Starfleet. Basically, this episode has the potential to truly bridge the gap between the pilot and "The Menagerie" and add to the unwritten mythos of this mysterious planet.

More of Talos IV is coming, as CBS All Access uploads new episodes of Star Trek: Discovery Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET. For a look at what's coming up on television in the coming weeks, head on over to our midseason premiere guide.

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