What Happened To Tyrion's Hand In The New Game Of Thrones Poster?

Game of Thrones has released its Season 8 character posters and opened a mystery in the process. What happened to Tyrion Lannister’s hand? Check out the poster recently released on Twitter and gather below for further analysis:

As you can see, Tyrion’s left-facing/his right hand is not visible as he sits on the Iron Throne, while his other hand is clearly seen. It is an intriguing choice that opens itself to a lot of speculation. That is assuming that the character posters do contain clues for Game of Thrones’ final season. It could be something unintentional. Let’s go with the former option and see where it leads.

First off, no other character besides Tyrion does not have both of their hands visible. Many are wearing gloves for those “winter has come” temperatures, which makes it hard to tell. Nevertheless, both of their hands are showing. Samwell Tarly’s hands are the hardest to spot. You can still see them, though. Check it out:

What could Tyrion’s invisible hand mean? Well, first of all Tyrion is the Hand of the Queen. So it is interesting that his hand, of all people’s, is not showing. Is this a sign that he will not be her Hand for much longer? That may be reading too much into it, but Tyrion appeared quite bereft at the sight of Daenerys entering Jon Snow’s room on their ship ride to the North.

Tyrion’s portrayer, Peter Dinklage, weighed in on what was going through his character’s mind when he spotted the pair. Could his thoughts on the secret aunt and nephew’s romance turn him against Team Daenerys? It seems unlikely. Tyrion's loyalties have been devoted to her, and while he expressed some concerns about her behavior in Season 7, he stuck with her.

Based on what Emilia Clarke had to say about Daenerys’ final scene, that may or may not be a good thing. Remember, she also teased that a lot of shockers would be coming fans’ way in the final season. Is one of them the reason Tyrion’s hand is not showing in the poster? Interesting.

Another thought-provoking aspect is that the hand that the Game of Thrones poster does not show -- Tyrion's right hand -- is the same one his brother Jaime Lannister no longer has. Could Tyrion lose his right hand in Season 8? If so, why would he? It seems like it could be a stretch. However, you have to consider anything and everything at this point. HBO knows fans love to read into things, so if they didn't want this Tyrion hand speculation, they should've Photoshopped the posters differently.

Meanwhile, Twitter unveiled its absolutely amazing Game of Thrones character emojis. Check out a screenshot (don't try to click) here:

Game of Thrones Twitter emojis

How great are they? Pretty freaking great. You can use them on Twitter yourself here. There is a question I have, though. Along with sharing Daenerys Targaryen’s character poster first, Game of Thrones' official Twitter also lists Daenerys first in its emoji promo tweet.

Considering that viewers now know for sure that Daenerys is not the "rightful" heir to the Iron Throne by birth, but Jon Snow is, shouldn’t he be listed first? Also, shouldn’t Tyrion be closer to the top three? Why is Arya not listed next to her siblings? So many questions.

Whether the emoji list or Tyrion’s character poster reveals anything about the on-screen battle for the Iron Throne, time will soon tell. Find out what happens with Tyrion and his hand when Game of Thrones' final season premieres. Season 8 starts Sunday, April 14 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO. It will debut alongside a lot of new content that will arrive during the midseason.

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