Mad About You Revival Is Officially Happening, But Not Where We Expected

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The Buchmans are coming back! That’s right, the Mad About You revival is officially happening. The beloved sitcom is returning after all, just not where you may have expected it to end up.

Mad About You will not be making its return to television via Netflix or its original home on NBC. Instead, the comedy will bow on Charter Communications' new Spectrum Originals, per THR. Accordingly, Mad About You will only be available to Spectrum video subscribers.

So, when is this exciting revival arriving? The revival is slated to premiere later this year. That sounds like it could be sometime this fall. Summer would probably be out of the question.

It is important to note that Mad About You 2.0 is currently being referred to as a limited series. If it is a success, it is easy to imagine the revival going the way of Big Little Lies. Helen Hunt will direct the first episode of the comeback.

Rescue Me creator Peter Tolan will act as showrunner on the follow-up. Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt have both signed on to reprise their roles as Paul and Jamie Buchman. The revival is said to follow Paul and Jamie as they navigate their lives as empty-nesters. Presumably, that is because Mabel has moved out. Whether the follow-up will stick to everything its original ending entailed remains to be seen. So far, so good on that front.

Now the question is who will play Mabel if she appears on the revival. Not that anyone asked, but my vote is for former Last Man Standing actress Molly Ephraim. She used to play Mandy.

It has been a turbulent ride to get to this point. Not too long ago, the fate of the Mad About You revival seemed to be in doubt before hopes for it lifted once more. Fast forward to now, and it is actually happening.

One thing I am curious to know is whether the revival will also be a multi-camera sitcom. It stands to reason that it will be. Murphy Brown and Will & Grace both returned to their respective networks in their original packaging.

As someone who watched and loved the original sitcom, this news is beyond exciting. While many are over revivals and the like, there is no reason to stop at Mad About You. The characters were compelling and their dynamic interesting. To be able to catch up with them now is an exciting prospect. There are a lot of questions that merit answers.

How much has changed now that the Buchmans are further into their marriage? Is Buchman’s Sporting Goods still open? Have Jamie and Paul gotten another dog since their beloved Murray passed away? See? A lot of questions.

An exact premiere date for the Spectrum Originals Mad About You revival has not been announced yet, so stay tuned. To pass the time in between the revival's debut, there are many other new shows that await viewers in the midseason.

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