The Big Star Trek: Discovery Clue That May Have Revealed The Red Angel's Identity

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The following contains spoilers for Star Trek: Discovery's "If Memory Serves" episode.

Spock's brain is fixed, and while he still has a fuzzy face, he's now back in commission and ready to help Michael and the rest of the Discovery crew figure out this Red Angel mystery. The Red Angel is confirmed to be humanoid, but is it someone everyone on the ship knows rather well? I'm thinking it's Michael, and one big moment from the episode may have proven it.

Fans saw the scene when Michael and Spock were on Talos, and she was shown her brother's first memory of the Red Angel. The Angel appeared to a young Spock long ago on Vulcan, during a night where Michael had run away from home. In the vision Spock saw, Michael was attacked and eaten by a beast. Spock woke his parents and informed them on the situation, and they were able to save Michael as the beast was closing in.

Spock said it himself: the Red Angel saved Michael. Apparently she's vital to this whole thing, otherwise why is there a gap between this first appearance and the next appearance many years later? Spock's assumption is that the Red Angel is a time-travelling human with ties to him, but a quantum field prevented him from determining who they are. As for why he needed Burnham, he required someone who shared his memories so the Talosians could fix his mind.

Young Michael Burnham Star Trek: Discovery CBS All Access

Spock's on the right track, but he's blind to the idea that the time-traveler may actually by Michael Burnham. Besides the fact that the first action was saving Michael, the Red Angel has led the Discovery to participate in events Spock had no part in, and involved people he presumably doesn't know. If anything, the Red Angel is just as involved in Michael's timeline as it is Spock's.

Now, The Red Angel could be future Spock, but that raises a lot of questions. For example, how would Spock know how to trigger that change in Saru, or how to fundamentally change the events on his home world. He was on the run during that adventure, but Burnham was right by her Star Trek: Discovery crewmate's side. If the Red Angel is tied to Spock and Burnham, then it would make more sense for it to be Burnham.

Of course, the Red Angel could be anyone from the future with a blueprint for how to change the event that results in the destruction of the core planets of the Federation. The creatures that launched the attack looked similar to that one that was believed to be from the distant future, so it makes sense the future Federation would have a time-traveler of its own to try and prevent it. Who that person is, for now, remains a mystery.

The mystery of the Red Angel's identity continues on Star Trek: Discovery, which uploads new episodes on CBS All Access Thursdays at 8:30 p.m. ET. For a look at what else is coming to television in the near future, visit our midseason premiere guide.

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