Watch The View's Whoopi Goldberg Surprise Co-Hosts With Return To Talk About Her Illness

Whoopi Goldberg made her triumphant return to The View and took her co-hosts by surprise. Joy Behar was in the midst of giving an update on Goldberg’s eventual return when she surprised everybody by walking on-stage. Watch The View co-hosts react to her unexpected return:

It took the co-hosts at the table a while to realize what was happening when the crowd erupted in applause. They all then rushed to hug Whoopi Goldberg, bringing her into an all-encompassing embrace. Goldberg looked just as happy to see everyone else. All in all, a super joyous moment for The View.

Whoopi Goldberg has been away from the show for a while now amid her ongoing health crisis. The comedian recently revealed that she had been dealing with double pneumonia combined with sepsis. On The View, Goldberg shared that her ordeal had almost claimed her life. You could sense her co-hosts' relief to have her back in action after everything she has been through.

The audience was as thrilled as The View hosts to have her back. At one point, they chanted “Whoopi” and gave her a lengthy standing ovation. You could feel the love inside the studio. As emotions ran high, Whoopi Goldberg revealed the extent of her ordeal, all while keeping her sense of humor in full effect.

Joy Behar asked her co-host how she was feeling, to which Whoopi Goldberg revealed that her stop at The View was her first foray out. She acknowledged that she was “not there yet,” adding that the only way to begin improving was to start the process.

As for her time on The View, Whoopi Goldberg revealed that she would begin the process of making her way back to the show next week. She said that she had missed everyone and that is why she wanted The View to be her first foray out and about. That truly speaks to Goldberg’s bond with her fellow hosts.

Whoopi Goldberg went on to thank those knowledgeable of her situation for their discretion. The whole video is totally worth checking out. Goldberg opens up about her experience trying to get to the hospital. She also tells some stories relating to what took place while she was there, including a fellow patient recognizing Goldberg and her visitors from The View.

Joy Behar shared that Whoopi Goldberg had been battling a cough since November of last year. So, she has been fighting the onset of the illness for a considerable period.

While she was able to make a brief return to The View, Whoopi Goldberg is still recovering from her bout of double pneumonia and sepsis. She mentioned appearing in an episode next week. Her journey back to the show has begun, and she got welcomed in enthusiastic fashion.

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