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The Blacklist Season 5 Reveals First Look At Liz And Tom's Big Reunion

When The Blacklist returns to NBC for Season 5, the game will be completely changed from how any of the previous seasons started off, thanks to the huge (if expected) reveal that Liz is indeed Red's biological daughter. And because NBC decided not to order an additional season for the spinoff drama The Blacklist: Redemption, that means Ryan Eggold's Tom Keen will be returning to the flagship show in a larger capacity. The drama-thriller revealed a first look at Liz and Tom's reunion, as well as some hints of the problems to come.

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We definitely see some hand-holding there, hinting at a more-loving-than-not rekindling between Liz and Tom, following the latter's AWOL status after he went off seeking the story behind his own mysterious family lineage. EW also has shots of Tom and Liz sharing a tender kiss and hug, which further indicate good vibes, but let's not get too comfortable here.

Showrunner Jon Bokenkamp offered a clear reminder that the Liz that Tom is returning to isn't exactly the one that he bid a temporary farewell to, considering her entire existence was thrown into question after she got the results back about Red's DNA. So it's more than likely that her idea of "family" will be drastically different, even if it's not a permanent mental shift. Plus, being all chummy and daughterly with Red probably wouldn't be a good idea in the near future anyway, considering Mr. Kaplan's self-imposed death opened up a can of dangerous worms for Red.

As we saw during those final moments in the Season 4 finale, Tom's initial return to The Blacklist was made to retrieve a mysterious suitcase left by Mr. Kaplan; a suitcase with unidentified skeletal remains that are meant to take Red down in some way. And while we know that Liz's name is on the suitcase, implying she will also be heavily involved, it remains to be seen just where Tom will fit into things.

On that note, here's what Jon Blokenkamp says about it.

The suitcase is important, but he doesn't know where that mystery will lead him --- and he's definitely conscious of the fact that answers tend to come with consequences.

He's got that right. It's unclear if anyone on The Blacklist is capable of figuring something out, only for the lone result being "lots of happiness and warm feelings for all involved." This definitely isn't that kind of show, even with the family vibe.

The Blacklist Season 5 is making some casting change-ups, as we've probably seen the last of Enrique Merciano's Agent Julian Gale on the show. Also, Sopranos vet Aida Turturro will be showing in the new season as a character who doesn't mind squealing to avoid jail time.

Get ready for even more intense conspiratorial secrecy when The Blacklist Season 5 makes its debut on NBC on Wednesday, September 27, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Check out one of Season 4's snakey deleted scenes, and then to see when some of TV's other big reunions are happening, along with everything else, head to our fall premiere schedule.

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