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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Flash episode "Time Bomb." Read at your own risk!

Just when Team Flash thought they had dealt with their Cicada problem, another one turned up to continue the prolific killer's legacy. As all who saw the episode know, the killer is none other than Orlin Dwyer's niece from the future, and she's arguably worse than her uncle ever was. That said, Team Flash presumably has a very easy solution to this big problem. All they need to do is give young Grace the metahuman cure.

While her adult counterpart is running amok and trying to exact vengeance on any and all metas, Grace is still chilling in the hospital unconscious. If Team Flash can get another version of the cure ready, all it would take is someone to enter her room and inject her with the serum. Doing so would presumably mean Grace doesn't have powers in the future, and therefore render her adult self powerless.

Before, Orlin Dwyer stood in the way of Team Flash going to see the young girl, but with him gone getting to her shouldn't be that difficult. In fact, Joe and Cecile were able to see her without much trouble at all, although Cecile did have to cope with some fierce anger emanating from her consciousness. Still, it wouldn't have taken any time at all for either to give her a quick jab of the cure and put this problem to rest.

After all, The Flash has bigger fish to fry now that Nora's betrayal is out in the open. Barry and the rest of Team Flash sans Sherloque are shocked that XS was collaborating with Eobard Thawne. Surely they'd take the easy out in this situation and do whatever they can to squash Gracicada and move on, right?

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Of course, it's possible things aren't that simple. After all, Barry and the rest of the team has already taken a vow not to give anyone the cure without their permission. The team did get Orlin's permission to give the cure to young Grace, but it seems clear that adult Grace wouldn't be okay with having her powers removed.

Also, no one is entirely sure what will happen if Team Flash attempts to change the future yet again. Last time they cured Cicada another one immediately came into the picture. Who's to say that wouldn't happen again if they cured Grace? Perhaps The Flash team is best served facing the devil they know for the moment, at least until they can figure out what Thawne's long term goal was in manipulating them.

The Flash is going on a bit of a break following "Time Bomb" but will return with a new episode Tuesday, April 16 at 8:00 p.m. ET. For more on what's happening in the Arrow-verse these days, read up on the recent Arrow episode which may have teased The CW has plans for another superhero show in the future.

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