The Flash Just Cooked Up Its Most Bizarre Plan To Stop Cicada Yet

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for The Flash episode "King Shark vs. Gorilla Grodd." Read at your own risk!

Team Flash has tried quite a few methods of stopping Cicada, and so far, all of them have come up short. Now, Barry's got a new plan, and it's just about the weirdest plan they've had to defeat any villain to date. After witnessing a rousing showdown between King Shark and Gorilla Grodd, Barry decided they should simply ask Cicada if he wants the metahuman cure for himself. What exactly is The Flash planning?

Specifically, what is Barry planning? His plan surely sounds crazy to most fans of The Flash, and Cisco and Caitlin were shooting him some weird looks after he revealed his latest strategy to stop Cicada. Does he really believe he can stop one of the Arrow-verse's most prolific serial killers simply by asking if he wants to take the metahuman cure, or is he just out of ideas at this stage?

As the speedster explained, people can be surprising. Barry rooted his reasoning in the fact that King Shark was a person he believed couldn't be good, but he made the ultimate sacrifice in the end to save Central City from Grodd. It was surprising a character who seemed to be nothing more than a monster had such humanity, but is he really on the same level as someone like Cicada?

What's even crazier is that Barry vowed never to use the metahuman cure as a weapon. Sure, he got some flak for using it on King Shark, but surely he understands there's some special exception to take on someone who's literally killing lots of other people? This doesn't seem like a great plan.

As bad as the plan sounds, it appears it may actually be successful? At least, that's what the preview for "Failure is an Orphan" is teasing, as Nora reveals The Flash has reached the "final confrontation" between Barry and Cicada.

Is this episode really the beginning of the end of Cicada? We're still far out from the season finale, but Reverse Flash is still chilling on standby ready to step in as the big bad whenever the show is ready for him. Notice how Nora seemingly has her time journal out in front of Barry? That's a pretty bold move for someone trying to hide her connections to the villain, and might put the rest of Team Flash on her trail.

With the possibility that Team Flash could convince Cicada to give up his evil ways and Nora potentially exposing her connection to Reverse Flash all on the horizon, the next few weeks of the show could be quite interesting. One thing that probably won't happen is Barry forcing the metahuman cure on Cicada, even though it would probably solve their whole problem rather quick. Do you think Cisco and Caitlin regretted lecturing Barry after hearing him reveal his plan?

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