The OA Season 2 Finale Broke All The Rules, And I'm Exhausted

The OA falling

Spoilers ahead for the OA's Season 2 finale!

Netflix has become a hub for new and innovating TV shows over the past few years. The streaming service may cancel some of it less popular shows, but it gives showrunners the freedom to craft their own story. One great example of this is The OA, the sci-fi drama created by and starring Brit Marling. The show is ambitious and wholly original, and pulled no punches with its sophomore season on Netflix.

The OA Part II was released March 22nd, and greatly expanded the universe of the series. Stepping largely away from the reality we followed in Season 1, audiences watched as The Oa, Hap, Homer, and the rest of the angels functioned in an alternate dimension. Meanwhile, Phyllis Smith's BBA and the boys attempted to help out the OA from their home dimension.

But the Season 2 finale took things from crazy to unbelievable, as characters once again jumped to another dimension. Except this time, things got meta AF. Hap fatally shot Homer, and planned to take OA to a dimension where he doesn't hate her, but she's still somehow called OA. Meanwhile, the boys and BBA did the movements in their dimension at the same time, while Karim finally opened the Rose Window, and was able to see the multiverse for what it was.

When the big jump occurred, things changed forever. Karim saw OA pop up in a new dimension, looking down at a film set of San Fransisco. That dimension, set in London, also has The OA as a TV show. What's more, Hap jumped into the body of actor Jason Isaacs, while OA jumped into the body of Brit Marling herself. It was a bonkers choice, and teases that Season 3 will be leaning in on metatheatricality.

Having an alternate dimension where The OA exists as a piece of entertainment is mind-blowing, and most people would assume that its this very dimension. The one where you're reading this story. But there are a few details from the ending that hint it's yet another dimension. For instance, Jason Isaacs and Brit Marling are married in the final season of Season 2, while in real-life they are not. What's more, Marling has a much shorter haircut than we've seen her in. Finally, the sound stage is in England, while The OA films in the states.

Still, the implications from Season 2's ending are long reaching, and it's safe to say that no one expected the story to go down that way. Looks like Part III will be a show within a show, which will further complicated the show's canon. The series' action will be likely spread out across three separate universes. What's more, Steve has finally jumped, and is in the meta dimension alongside OA, Hap, and wherever the heck Homer ended up. Plus, Buck may be able to jump as well.

After such an exhausting finale, I only hope that Netflix doesn't do anything crazy like cancel The OA after Season 2. But for now, you can stream Part I and Part II in their entirety on the streaming service.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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