The OA Part II Trailer Answers Big Questions And Changes Everything

The second installment of Netflix's offbeat sci-fi drama The OA is almost here, and the streaming giant has provided Part II’s trailer to prove it. This isn't just any trailer, either, as this extended promo answers big questions about the previous season’s finale, and those answers change everything! Check out the trailer for The OA Part II below.

If you are reading this, that means you are still here and have not jumped into an alternate dimension. Congratulations!

As mentioned, the trailer for The OA’s second season, also known as Part II, is pretty mind-blowing. Apparently, the events of Part I’s finale led to Prairie/OA successfully jumping into another dimension after being shot in the chest. The episode ended with Prairie being rushed off in an ambulance. Narrating, OA could be heard saying that “they said it would be like jumping into an invisible current.” In the trailer for Part II, she is seen touching her chest, seemingly looking for a particular bullet wound.

From there, viewers learn that Prairie did not just mentally jump across time and space; the leap was fully physical and material in nature. In the alternate dimension, she awakens to her original life as a Russian heiress being lived full-tilt, replete with a luxurious penthouse apartment. Remember, she was born Nina Azarova. So could this have been how her life would've played out if her father had not been killed?

In the trailer, viewers can hear and see the villainous Hap, as played by Jason Isaacs. He has also jumped to another dimension, and Netflix’s official synopsis teases that he is definitely not done with Prairie/Nina/OA. According to the description, she will find herself Hap’s captive yet again. Why can’t Prairie have nice things?

Hap can be seen relishing this different version of himself, appearing as he did in Part I at one point, and he then utilized a different look later. It is unclear whose face he is cradling at the 57-second mark, but my instinct says it may be a bearded Homer.

Now back to OA! There is a new mystery on the horizon, which is how The OA introduces private investigator Karim Washington, played by Kingsley Ben-Adir. The PI and OA are going to team up to find a missing teen. A picture Karim shares with OA makes her recall someone she knew in Michigan. Who is she referring to? I'm interested to find out.

It looks like Karim and OA will uncover quite a lot of stuff together. Along with the case of the missing teen, they will also discover a mysterious house, linked to the disappearances of multiple teenagers. Elsewhere, BBA, Angie, and the boys will be trying to uncover the truth regarding OA’s fantastical story and the “incredible realities she described,” per Netflix.

Among the answers the trailer provides is that OA did jump into an alternate dimension, and seemingly safely. She is alive, at least. And remember that final glimpse that Part I gave us of OA in a bright room uttering, “Homer?” A few definitive answers are approached on that front as well.

At the 1:26 mark in the trailer, you can see OA writing something on a wall. Her clothes, hair, and overall look appear to match that of the closing scene in Part I. Many of the characters that OA was held captive with in Part I are shown shortly after that. They also appear to be in an institution of some sort along with OA.

Will viewers see OA in multiple dimensions in Season 2? Will there be a version of her in an institution reunited with her friends and one where she is an heiress teaming up with Karim? The answers are coming soon!

The OA Part II premieres Friday, March 22 on Netflix. Part I is currently available to watch on the streamer, along with many other recently released series. There are many more set to arrive during the midseason.

Britt Lawrence

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