The next installment of Netflix’s thrilling sci-fi series The OA is on its way! Getting the excitement started was the recent release of the trailer for Season 2. There were a lot of answers and even more surprises. There were also a lot of crucial details you might have missed in the haze of it all. Here are eleven of them.

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Prairie Is Not The Only One Who Jumped

Hap and all of Prairie’s fellow captives can be seen multiple times in the trailer. One time in a field of grass and the other in what appears to be a sanitarium. I'm not sure if that beats the greenhouse-type thing they were being kept in before.

One detail you do not want miss is that Hap is not allowing them to move freely. A thin rope is around their hands that restrains, as well as connects them to one another. Homer, Renata, Rachel, and Scott all appear to be there.

The OA Season 2 Part II Netflix

There Are Pod People

The trailer shows a group of people resting in pods. There are at least eight people in them. There could be even more. It is hard to tell if the pod people are near a mirror or there are that many people in the room.

If the footage is being shown in the correct order, then new character Karim Washington will see this room in Season 2. He looks through an opening to watch them. Is this before or after he approaches Prairie? That brings us to the next detail.

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Prairie May Be In Multiple Dimensions

When Karim introduces himself to Prairie, it appears she is in a sanitarium. In fact, the same one that she seemed to be in during the final seconds of Season 1. There are a few differences. Her hair, makeup, and clothes are entirely different.

Gone is the messy bun and pajama-style attire. Prairie looks more like the “Nina” version of herself. So, why is she in a sanitarium? Or something that looks like it if that is true? Will OA’s Nina incarnation and the Prairie version be in the same dimension at once? Is that possible?

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Karim Is Injured

As Karim can be heard explaining his investigation to OA/Prairie/Nina in the trailer, he is icing his face. Did someone hurt him and if so, who and why? Or was it an accident? How deep is Karim into his investigation when he meets Prairie?

As viewers learned in the first season of The OA, there are powerful forces at work to keep the truth away from people. Away. OA. Yes. Could Karim have already gotten into an altercation with one of those forces? It cannot be ruled out.

The OA Karim Washington Kingsley Ben-Adir Prairie Johnson Brit Marling Netflix

The Young Man On Karim's Phone

Karim is looking for a missing teen. The synopsis reveals that a house is linked to the vanishing of several teenagers. Did the boys and Angie go to the house and get sucked into some other dimension? Maybe. There is something that points to the teens Prairie knew and Karim is looking for being connected.

Prairie recognizes the picture Karim shows her as being that of a young man she knew from Michigan. The plot synopsis says that Karim is looking specifically for "Michelle Vu." It makes sense he would have a picture and that is when Prairie recognizes Buck. Hence, the connection. All of this helps explain why Prairie gets involved with Karim's investigation.

The OA Season 2 Part II Netflix

A Theory Board In The Mental Institution

The walls Prairie is drawing on in the trailer appear to be the same walls she was in front of in the Season 1 finale. Her hair is also pulled back the same way it was in the closing shot. Based on the promotional image from Netflix, Prairie spending time in a mental institution at some point in Season 2 is most assuredly a sure thing.

The trailer appears to show a scene very similar to the one in the finale, where Prairie calls out Homer’s name. This time is different though. At the end of Season 1, she said it questioningly, whereas, in the Season 2 trailer, she says it almost affirmingly.

The OA Brit Marling Prairie Johnson Netflix

Prairie May Reunite With Her Fellow Captives

In the narration, Prairie can be heard saying Rachel, Scott, and Renata’s names. As she says this, the trailer shows her embracing them at different points. They are all wearing lounge-wear, whereas Prairie is wearing something more formal – a gold blouse. That indicates that Prairie may find them in her Nina dimension and reunite with them, but as a patient, rather as a visitor.

Later in the trailer, you can see everyone locked inside an individual room peering out of their respective windows. All signs point to Hap holding them prisoner all over again.

The OA Prairie Johnson OA Brit Marling Netflix

Prairie's Emotional Appeal

On the verge of tears, Prairie tells someone that she asked them to “believe in impossible things.” Has she reunited with BBA and the boys? Is she telling them where she has been this whole time? Or did she never leave?

Whoever she is speaking with, she intimates they never reacted like she was “crazy.” That would fit with BBA and the boys. Even if it is them, there are still plenty of questions about the scene that will need to be answered.

The OA Brit Marling Prairie Johnson OA Karim Washington Kingsley Ben-Adir Netflix

Karim Shares An Ominous Hint

Karim tells Prairie that whoever goes into the house, which is the same one presumably linked to the disappearances, only leaves by one of two ways. He says it is by losing your sanity or never exiting its doors at all. There is also a room filled with mirrors -- creepy.

Elsewhere in the trailer, Karim and Prairie appear in what may be the house. They seem to be putting together some elaborate puzzle, which makes an even more intricate pattern.

The OA Homer Emory Cohen Netflix

Homer's New Look

While it is tough to recognize him, this man appears to be Homer. He has a beard and is rocking a new wardrobe, but some things have not changed. Homer seems to be wearing his class ring.

Has Prairie approached him in an alternate dimension, and is he having doubts about what she has told him? Consider me intrigued. Prairie can be heard saying she could “not give up on you.” That seems like something she would say to an unconvinced Homer. That is if the audio is from a related scene.

The OA Part II Season 2 Netflix

Holes And Fire?

Bizarrely, at one point in the trailer, can see people either inside nearby or actively making holes. It is a strange bit of topography and hard to understand. What could it mean?

Elsewhere, you can see Hap near a dumpster fire. It is next to impossible to make out what he is burning. It is likely evidence of something he does not want around. Check out the trailer again, in case you need a refresher.

Steve shaves his head for some unknown reason. Karim can be seen carrying someone at the 2:24 mark. Who is it? It could be Prairie or someone he rescues from the house.

Hap from the future? Is that who takes Prairie into the green light and has her strapped to Hap’s chair of death? It is only a matter of time before viewers find out.

These details are not enough to figure out the season. Let's be honest: that may not even be possible after seeing Part II. The OA has expertly given fans a lot to consider as the anticipation for Season 2 nears its conclusion. It has been an over two-year wait. This trailer indicates it is going to be a very worthwhile one.

The OA Part II, a.k.a. Season 2, will premiere Friday, March 22 on Netflix. Part I is currently available to watch on the streamer, along with many other recently released TV shows. There are many more set to arrive during the midseason.

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