Shameless Revealed Noel Fisher's Return For Season 10 In The Best Way

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Talk about a roller coaster year for Shameless fans, what with all the shakeups for the cast members and the narrative chaos for the characters. It's a good thing we all know Frank doesn't have the gumption or wherewithal to successfully leave. In any case, one character that HAS been mostly gone for a while is Noel Fisher's Mickey Milkovich, who was last seen smooching Cameron Monaghan's Ian in the first half of Season 9. But guess what? He's coming back!

Shameless announced Noel Fisher's return in a most strange and inarguably fabulous way, as the show's Twitter page was transformed and rededicated to promoting the actor coming back to the show. Before showing the layout, check out the hilarious and NSFW (for language) video that Fisher made as Mickey. Looks like we might see a jail break!

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While that video could have been an emotionally gratifying or outwardly gracious affair, it is instead a clip of Fisher's Mickey clearly in the middle of a jail break, albeit one that falls into the "long con" category, considering he's digging a tunnel with just a spoon. (Is it just me, or was that a pretty clean and untarnished spoon?) Mickey may very well need every spare second imaginable to have time to make it out of that tunnel safely and securely.

Of course, it's hard to tell if this is is actually hitting upon any Shameless spoilers for Season 10 or not. Will the show actually have Mickey break out of jail in order to presumably reconnect with Ian for some hot dysfunctional love-making? Ian seemed like he was on his way to becoming a better person whenever he showed up in the Season 9 finale, but that's likely going to be impossible if Mickey the fugitive shows up on his doorstep. (Or whatever counts for a door step.)

As many questions as we may have about where things are going, there's no question that Shameless rocked it hard when reconfiguring its Twitter page to focus on Noel Fisher's comeback. It's as if they're trying to say that Mickey thinks highly of himself or something.

Noel Fisher has constantly bounced around on Shameless over the years, having started off as a recurring character during Seasons 1 and 2, when he and Ian begin their sexually charged relationship. Mickey became a regular presence for Seasons 3 through 5, as things got weirder and more complicated, with he and Ian breaking up by the end.

Since then, he's only been seen a handful of times. Mickey popped up behind bars in Season 6, looking for a commitment from Ian that the latter wasn't comfortable with offering. Then in Season 7, he'd escaped prison and unsuccessfully tried to lure Ian down to Mexico. Then, in a shock to many fans, Noel Fisher returned to Shameless in Season 9 as Ian's surprise cellmate.

Cameron Monaghan had announced his own Shameless exit for Season 9's back half, but later reconsidered and signed on to return for Season 10. Many immediately wondered if that meant Ian and Mickey would get more time together in future episodes, and this announcement seemingly bolsters those hopes.

Cameron Monaghan celebrated the news on Twitter as well.

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At this point, it's obviously unclear exactly when Shameless will return to Showtime for its Emmy Rossum-free Season 10, but it'll likely debut later this year, with September being a fine choice. Don't forget about all the midseason shows and summer premieres that are on the way before then, though.

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