NCIS: Los Angeles Will Finally Answer A Major JAG Question With Big Reunion

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JAG fans will recall the defining moment of the finale. It occurred when Harm and Mac let a coin toss decide their fate. In the series finale, Harm and Mac announced they were engaged to be married. That blissful announcement meant the two had to decide whose career would continue and whose would end.

They decided to let fate have its way. During JAG’s final seconds, Mac called “tails” as the coin flipped through the air. Harm and Mac both looked on anxiously. That is when the coin stopped, and the credits rolled.

Viewers never learned who won the toss. Thus, leaving a question only a return appearance by the characters could entirely resolve. Now, they are about to get an answer. NCIS: Los Angeles’ showrunner R. Scott Gemmill told TVLine:

We will learn who won the coin flip [and will] see where their lives went subsequently. . . . You get the best of the past plus what the future is for these people.

How exciting is this? JAG fans have gone almost 15 years without knowing. Now, they are finally about to learn the truth. If that is not enough to get JAG fans excited to tune into the special two-part event on NCIS: Los Angeles, nothing can. Based on both characters being called in for the case, it seems neither retired.

Based on the details that have been released so far, it is hard to guess what happened or whether the two have gone their separate ways. Did what seemed like a feel-good ending turn sour between the pair? They looked so in love in the finale’s last moments.

Maybe they ended up getting commissions that kept them closer together. Or did the one who "lost" try to go with what the coin decided and end up missing their career too much, leading to the conclusion that they wanted their job more than their relationship? So many unanswered questions.

Hopefully there is a good explanation. JAG fans had every reason to believe that Harm and Mac walked off into the sunset together. To find out they have imagined a scenario that never came to be could be devastating.

Answers are coming. NCIS: Los Angeles’ R. Scott Gemmill did not reveal which half will contain the reveal. Harm will make his debut first via the penultimate episode NCIS: Los Angeles Season 10. Mac will appear in the finale. Hetty reaches out to her for help against the same threat that Harm is working against.

The showrunner's tease only adds fuel to the anticipation. The "best of the past" and a look at the future? Does that mean JAG fans will get a taste of what happily married life has entailed for Harm and Mac? Depending on how things go, the results of that coin toss could be explored in a revival. Stay tuned!

Find out who won the coin toss when JAG’s Harm makes his way to NCIS: Los Angeles in the first half of the two-parter, which airs Sunday, May 12 at 9 p.m. on CBS. Mac makes her return in the second half, which airs the following Sunday on May 19 at the same time and place.

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