Why NCIS: Los Angeles Fans Are Worried Season 10 Might Be The End

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NCIS: Los Angeles has had a big installment with Season 10. It has seen a season filled with long-awaited and exciting events. Deeks and Kensi did get married this season, after all, and Hetty just had a major comeback. Is the show bringing too much closure to its storylines, though?

That is the concern that fans are expressing after NCIS: Los Angeles’ latest episode. That March 31 installment left fans wondering if the long-running crime procedural is setting up its final chapter. Or at least the potential exit of some of the show’s major players.

In the episode, Eric and Nell were both considering a move from Los Angeles to San Francisco -- Eric for a job opportunity and Nell to take care of her mother in a treatment center for Coronary Heart Disease. Those are compelling reasons for them to leave the canvas and an exit story that facilitates it.

Elsewhere, Callen reunited with his sister and nephew. That family time led viewers to wonder if his family could draw him away from continuing with the team. If nothing else, it seems that NCIS: Los Angeles may be looking to say goodbye to at least three characters. What that could mean for the fate of the show as a whole is another matter. Here is what one fan had to say:

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That fan was not alone in expressing concern that the show’s latest episode felt like it was setting up the endgame. Check out this tweet:

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One fan summed up all of the fanbase's concerns, while pointing out the potential one storyline held for another show. Check it out:

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The foreshadowing dialogue of various characters' plans remained a source of concern for this fan:

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Heightening the apprehension of fans is the series’ renewal status at CBS. The Eye Network has yet to renew the NCIS spinoff for an eleventh season. That is not major cause for concern as many shows are also waiting for news. The official fate of many shows’ future will likely get decided soon.

As for the sense of closure, some fans sensed in the recent episode -- there may be a less dire explanation. It is not unusual for a show to set its characters up in a positive direction as it nears its season finale. Unfortunately, that can sometimes mean fans are in for a huge cliffhanger ending. This could be the quiet before the storm a season-ender typically brings.

Off-screen news shows that NCIS: Los Angeles is showing no signs of slowing down. The series is getting ready to welcome two well-known stars back to the franchise. Could that be a promising hint for the series' future?

It is certainly a sign the series still has quite a few things in store for fans before Season 10 comes to an end. NCIS: Los Angeles will welcome JAG stars David James Elliot and Catherine Bell this season. The actors will reprise their roles as Captain Harm Rabb and Lieutenant Colonel Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie, respectively.

The JAG stars returning to the franchise is a buzz-worthy event of epic proportions for fans of the long-running series. It could also give NCIS: Los Angeles a healthy boost in the ratings. As for what NCIS viewers have seen so far, there is a reason to be cautious.

Bringing in the beloved JAG actors could be an indication that NCIS: LA is going out on a huge high. Or it is just trying to end its current season with one. Time will tell if CBS announces it is renewing NCIS: Los Angeles for an eleventh and (possibly?) final season.

If the show is on the bubble, setting up the story to conclude in the event it is cancelled is the safe thing to do. It gives fans closure and avoids leaving them cheated by a cancellation and their favorites’ future in doubt.

New episodes of NCIS: Los Angeles air Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on CBS. Heads up, though, there is NO new episode tomorrow, April 7. Season 10 returns Sunday, April 14 with Episode 20, "Choke Point."

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