Former Arrow Star Says His Villain Should Have Killed Felicity Off

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With each day that passes, Arrow fans get that much closer to Season 7's penultimate episode, which will be the final (as of this writing) episode for both star Emily Bett Rickards and her character Felicity. Many were shocked when the actress revealed the impending exit in March, but it sounds like former star Kirk Acevedo thinks Felicity should have been gone already. Also, that his character Ricardo Diaz should have totally murderized her. Here's how Acevedo bemusedly put it:

What should've happened? They should have had me kill her. Because that would have been better for the storyline, right? Have me kill her. Better for the show. You can't just have her walk away. They should have me kill her. Simple. Wrap.

Well dayum, Kirk Acevedo must have gotten struck by one of Oliver Queen's DGAF Blunt Truth arrows before joining some of his Arrow co-stars on stage for Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in Chicago over the weekend. Not that the 12 Monkeys and Fringe vet has been an introverted and non-opinionated wallflower for his career, but it can sometimes take the bravado of a superhero villain to tell a crowd of fans that he should have been allowed to kill off the protagonist co-lead.

After all, this is a TV fandom that may not be the biggest in the world, but it's definitely one of the most vocal. The Arrow-powerment goes double and triple for the drama's female stars and characters, too. So it's a mild wonder that Kirk Acevedo made it out of that place alive after such a declaration.

It probably helped that Kirk Acevedo was self-aware and was clearly trying to provoke a few shocked reactions by being rueful over Felicity surviving The Dragon's reign. As it can be seen and heard in an attendee's video, people both in the crowd and on stage started laughing (somewhat uncomfortably) after he said Diaz should have offed Oliver's brilliant, if non-costumed partner in vigilantism. That seemed to egg the actor on, too, making him double-down on his beliefs.

Just because Kirk Acevedo was smiling, though, it doesn't necessarily mean that the actor only said what he did to get a reaction. I imagine there's a large enough kernel of truth in there, and that he would have relished it if Arrow's creative team wrote in that Diaz was finally able to deliver on his consistently voiced promise to murder Felicity. (It's unclear if Acevedo had equally matched goals to kill William Queen, but he wouldn't have been alone.)

Check the actor out as he says it on stage, while wearing some fashionable bunny ears.

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Unlike Ricardo Diaz's fiery exit, the details behind Felicity's final episode are largely under wraps, and it's not entirely clear how she'll get taken out of Oliver's story for the years between the timelines. Considering her final night of filming seemingly took place around a certain cabin of note, that location has played into theories and speculation, though it seems unlikely that the Arrow team would offer such a blatant tease like that without some form of trickery involved.

With a stressful finale that's set to give resolution for both timelines, Arrow is in the final stretch of Season 7, which airs Monday nights on The CW at 9:00 p.m. ET.

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