Arrow Stars Share Touching Messages Celebrating Emily Bett Rickards' Final Day Of Filming

This was a huge week for the cast and crew of The CW's Arrow. Not only because everyone is filming the big Season 7 finale that will set up the superhero drama's final season, but because it was the final (for now) episode filmed with co-star Emily Bett Rickards, whose Felicity Queen is...well, we don't know what Felicity is doing. But we do know that Rickards is exiting the show and will focus on other projects.

To be expected, Emily Bett Rickards' praises were sung on social media by some of her beloved castmates, as well as others that have worked with the actress during her seven-year journey on Arrow. Here's how her on-screen hubby Stephen Amell compacted all of his emotions into a single post.

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It would appear Oliver Queen had an easier time disguising himself as the Green Arrow than Stephen Amell did disguising himself as someone not gushing tears to the point of dehydration. Okay, maybe it wasn't quite that bad, but Amell isn't fearful about putting all of his emotions and feelings out there. Especially when arguably his closest Arrow companion is saying goodbye.

Showrunner Beth Schwartz, who took over Arrow for Season 7 after Marc Guggenheim stepped down, also took to Twitter to share her disbelief that the day had finally come when Emily Bett Rickards delivered her final (for now) performance as Felicity.

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While it might not exactly count as "taking over the world," Emily Bett Rickards will be starring in the stage play Reborn in July and August at the Soho Playhouse. Just in case anyone wondered where the actress could be seen once her final Arrow episodes have aired.

Now let's shake things up with an emotional video posted by Arrow co-star Rick Gonzalez. Might have to start calling his character "Sad Dog" after this one.

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Arrow fans are probably lucky that more video clips haven't been released from Emily Bett Rickards' final day/night of filming. I'm sure lots of videos were taken, but maybe Rick Gonzalez's video was the only one that didn't have any spoilers in the background.

And now, a message from Ms. Laurel Lance herself, Katie Cassidy.

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Katie Cassidy's message to Emily Bett Rickards was quite inspirational and motivating. Cassidy know a little something about vacating Arrow for a spell, as she was initially killed off the show in Season 4. Of course, she soon assumed the role of Earth-2's Laurel, which allowed her to return to Arrow as a series regular in later seasons. Sadly, it doesn't look like Emily Bett Rickards is being set up to play another Earth's Felicity in the drama's final season.

Here's a parting message from longtime Arrow director and stunt master James Bamford, who has been a big fan of Rickards for years.

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It would be a shame if we had to end this story with only spoken words and no melodies. Thankfully, Stephen Amell fixed that right up with this video of his daughter Mavi singing a tune to Emily Bett Rickards.

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Those who weren't too busy paying attention to the song probably made note that this moment happened in front of a particular cabin. As such, this supposedly non-spoilery video may very well show fans where Felicity's story caps off on Arrow. But that kind of speculation is for other articles, while this one is all about celebrating Emily Bett Rickards.

With rumors of a spinoff circling, Arrow will return to The CW from its mini-hiatus on Monday, April 15, at 9:00 p.m. ET. Get ready to see some Birds flying.

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