Arrow Just Revealed Ricardo Diaz's Fate, But We Still Have Big Questions

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Warning! The following contains spoilers for the Arrow episode "Training Day." Read at your own risk!

On the heels of an episode that showed Kirk Acevedo's character bursting into flames, Arrow provided an update on Ricardo Diaz in "Training Day." It appears that, despite Acevedo's hints otherwise, the villain is as dead as a door nail. The case is far from closed, however, and we still have a lot of questions after the episode revealed who may have been responsible and not a whole lot beyond that.

It all started with Bronze Tiger calling Laurel to Slabside Penitentiary, as he had a piece of information that he thought she'd be interested to hear. After an argument back and forth on what the attorney could do for him, Bronze Tiger was forced to slightly tip his hand to keep Black Siren interested. Ricardo Diaz was dead, Slabside is covering it up, and he saw the person that did the job.

Laurel had no idea Diaz was dead, and quickly arranged a visit for Bronze Tiger to see his son in order to find more out about the situation. After his wish was fulfilled, Bronze Tiger said he saw it go down, and recognized the identity of the person who did Diaz in. He claimed it was someone in a Green Arrow suit but definitely not Oliver Queen, which led Laurel to believe the culprit was none other than Emiko Queen.

Laurel called Emiko into her office, and without hesitation, laid her cards on the table. She straight up told Oliver's long-lost sibling that she believes she's not the hero she claims to be, and that she does believe Bronze Tiger's allegation that Emiko killed Diaz. Emiko didn't confirm or deny the claim, but did give a subtle warning in her response to Laurel.

So while Arrow is busy creating new and exciting feuds between characters, we're still wondering why we haven't seen a body. Why is Slabside covering up the death of such a high profile villain? Even if the circumstances of his death were a bit violent, wouldn't the world be mostly okay with finding out he's out of the picture? At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, I'm not so sure Diaz is as dead as everyone says.

With that said, there is motive for Emiko to do the deed. "Brothers and Sisters" revealed she has something going on with Dante, and Diaz admitted he owed a massive debt to Dante that put his safety in question. Emiko may have acted as an enforcer on Dante's behalf, and killed Diaz in order to settle the score between the two men. Or, perhaps the whole thing was staged to get Diaz back on the outside to help Dante further?

Will Laurel tell Team Arrow of the development, or will she continue to dig for more evidence out of fear from others thinking she's stirring up trouble? She certainly doesn't have enough evidence to put Emiko dead to rights on this "murder," so the wiser move would be to look for more clues. Then again, it wouldn't hurt for Laurel to explain the situation to someone else, just in case Emiko tries to make a move against her first.

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