The 100 And Three Other Shows Just Got Renewed By The CW

The 100 The CW

On top of the already concluded My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The CW will say goodbye to more of its longtime programming this year, but the network also has a good deal of shows set to return for another season. That long list of returning series just got longer as the network just renewed The 100, which will soon debut its sixth season, for Season 7. As for the other renewals, The CW has announced that freshman dramas All American, In The Dark and Roswell, New Mexico, will all return for second seasons.

The early renewal of The 100 is certainly unexpected, as the series' ratings have remained relatively low for some time. Of course, that's never stopped The CW from ordering renewals in the past. However, this super-early decision could mean the show or the network is signaling the series' endgame is in sight. If that's the case, news on that front will probably come out well before Season 7 arrives.

All American The CW

All American's Season 2 renewal is another one that was a bit of a surprise, but mainly because it was one of the few series left in limbo when The CW announced its first batch of renewals over the winter. Mark Pedowitz did speak at TCA earlier in the year about how the show's release on Netflix in March would potentially help its chances at a new season, so it would appear All American had a decent showing on the streaming giant.

Plus, it doesn't hurt that All American is one of the few outlier shows within The CW's current lineup. The only show that even comes close to tackling sports is Riverdale, and even there, the mentions are minimal at best. All American allows for some subject diversity in programming, and helps to keeps critics from saying all of The CW's programming is either paranormal or superhero shows.

Roswell, New Mexico The CW

Speaking of paranormal, The CW's Roswell, New Mexico reboot will officially get another season that'll presumably come out this fall. That's surely a good thing for some, especially considering the Season 1 finale featured a rather dramatic ending, so frazzled viewers will absolutely want to see what comes next.

Ratings for Roswell, New Mexico have been about on par with The 100's latter seasons, which would normally mean a death sentence on other networks. Of course, we've established The CW can be a bit of an outlier in this instance, so to hear it's coming back isn't too big of a surprise.

In The Dark The CW

In The Dark is the newest series of the bunch, and earned its Season 2 renewal after just three episodes. Critical reception to the series has been solid, although it would be a bit much to call them glowing. Of course, the season has only just begun, so audiences will almost definitely get a better grasp of Murphy's complication-filled life in the coming weeks.

Still, The CW likely hopes for a noticeable uptick in viewers for In the Dark, which is bringing in fewer than 1 million viewers for live airings. The upper brass clearly has faith in the darkly comedic romantic drama, though, which is a good sign for fans.

The CW has fleshed out a majority of its 2019-2020 lineup, and stay updated on further announcements by sticking with CinemaBlend.

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