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Alex Trebek Jeopardy

Jeopardy! is a game of rules. Some, like the requirement that answers must be stated in the form of a question, are well-known to its viewers. Others, not so much. Now, Jeopardy! record holder Ken Jennings has revealed a lesser known rule of the competition, which apparently only went into effect not that long ago. As Jennings revealed on social media, it's no longer cool to wager $69 on the game show.

For those unaware, the number 69 carries a sexual connotation and is slang for a sexual position in which two people engage in simultaneous oral sex. Apparently, wild phrases like "dick tree" can be uttered, but when it comes to sexually suggestive numbers, that's a no-go. It's an interesting bit of trivia from Ken Jennings, which should probably be expected given he's basically the trivia master.

Of course, Jennings "trivia master" title is potentially in, er, jeopardy, as there's a new big winner in the show. James Holzhauer is smashing Jeopardy! records left and right, and is on pace to topple Ken Jennings' overall winnings record in under half the amount of games. This is in part thanks to his aggressive betting strategy on Daily Doubles, which has given him enormous totals at the end of each episode.

Ken Jennings' Twitter update on Jeopardy! rules is actually tied to James Holzhauer, as tweet was linked to a comment on one that referenced the latest show winner's big bets. Jennings played a bit more conservatively during his impressive win streak, and joked that he should get more acknowledgement for that.

The tweet could be interpreted as a subtle dig, but Ken Jennings has been vocal about how impressed he's been with James Holzhauer's run. As the all-time Jeopardy! champ watches with the rest of America to see if his overall winnings total (and possibly his win record) will be surpassed, Jennings told USA Today he's "gobsmacked" by what Holzhauer has accomplished and that the run is something he would've believed to be impossible.

As for whether or not Jennings could replicate that strategy and make a fat stack of cash for himself, the trivia master isn't so sure. Unlike James Holzhauer, he's not a professional gambler, and admitted he'd have trouble keeping cool wagering amounts that equal or exceed what some individuals make in a year.

I would never have had the stomach for those kinds of bets. You’re going to have to be comfortable with losing the average American income on a single trivia question a lot of the time, and then have to come back five minutes later and play another game with that in the back of your mind. Psychologically, my peace of mind was built on just playing my game — a lot lower stakes, fun game, let’s pretend we’re all here to have fun. James is under no such illusion.

Jennings added that, on paper, he and Holzhauer's stats are nearly identical. He also added that those stats are based off his performance in the competition 15 years ago, and at age 45, he may be a step behind the younger competitors. Basically, a showdown between the two wouldn't be with Jennings in his prime, which may be why a competition between the two wouldn't be as exciting as some assume.

Plus, James Holzhauer isn't the Jeopardy! champ just yet, but readers can check their local listings and follow his phenomenal run weekdays. Stick with CinemaBlend in the meantime for updates on other television news, as well as movies and pop culture.