What Emilia Clarke 'Deeply Regrets' About Game Of Thrones' Final Season

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Game of Thrones’ eighth and final season has come and gone with much hullabaloo, but Emilia Clarke has one regret about it. She failed to do something upon leaving that she now “deeply regrets,” and it all has to do with leaving something behind on the set.

Black Monday's Regina Hall spoke with Emilia Clarke for a star-to-star interview for Variety, and asked the Game of Thrones star if she took anything from the set. Clarke replied:

I didn’t take anything, and I deeply regret it, and I’m very annoyed. I’m really hoping that the showrunners give me a dragon. I need my smelly socks. I think I did take those.

Please, give her a dragon, Game of Thrones showrunners! Or at least one of Daenerys’ rings, or maybe the dragon pendant she wore. All of those would be neat.

Daenerys’ crimson cape would also be a cool thing for her to get to keep. Especially if it was on the back of a dragon. Just give her something, though, since Emilia Clarke has more than earned it for spending much of her formidable 20s as a Game of Thrones icon.

Hopefully, all of Daenerys’ apparel hasn't been discarded yet, so that there is still a chance for her to get something there. It should have gotten set aside for posterity, since you have to imagine that they're holding onto a lot of items to put in museum exhibits and the like, and to auction off for good causes. Too much television history there to ignore, that's for sure.

Emilia Clarke went off without carrying away an official memento from her time on the show. However, she did commemorate her time on Game of Thrones by getting a tattoo of three tiny dragons after the series’ wrapped. Not to mention that emotional tribute she wrote to the show, even though that's not exactly the same thing.

As for Emilia Clarke’s co-stars, some of them made darned sure not to walk away without a prop from the show. Some of them have revealed what they took as souvenirs. Ahead of the final season’s release, Jason Momoa revealed the super gross keepsake he took from Season 1. Hint: It has to do with a brutal moment that Daenerys witnessed involving Khal Drogo.

Maisie Williams revealed that she asked to keep Arya’s brown jacket, which was a notable costume piece for the Stark sister. She ended up getting it, too!

Meanwhile, Kit Harington got to keep a super unexpected prop from Game of Thrones: the Jon Snow statue from the Winterfell crypts promo for Season 8. Nothing random about that.

As for the end of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke continued sharing her sentiments. Daenerys’ portrayer, who recently noted what she would change if Season 8 were remade, reflected on what the show ending means. Following her reveal about not taking a prop as a souvenir, Clarke said:

Having it come to its completion feels utterly surreal. So much life has happened in the 10 years that I’ve been on the show. I’ve grown into a woman. I was 23. It’s been almost a year in post, and it’s taken me that long to come to terms with it. Where are my dragons? That famous line. Where the hell are they? It felt deeply emotional.

Emilia Clark indicates that it took her the whole year after Game of Thrones finished wrapping to come to terms with it concluding. All of which is understandable, since She will not be getting a dragon following the end of Game of Thrones, no matter how many times she asks for them! Here's hoping that Emilia Clarke will get an Emmy or another significant award for her performance.

No matter what you thought about how Daenerys’ storyline unfolded in Season 8, Emilia Clarke’s portrayal was incredible and totally worthy, in my opinion. An Emmy would be a much-deserved keepsake for her to have.

Stay tuned. The 71st Emmy nominations will be announced a little deeper in the summer TV schedule, on July 16, 2019. Until then, Game of Thrones can be binged in its entirety on HBO Go and HBO Now.

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