Will There Be A Black Mirror Season 6 On Netflix?

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Black Mirror Season 5 just came out June 5 on Netflix, but there were only three episodes, and fans are greedy for more. So what's the story with Black Mirror Season 6? Producers Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones have hinted to writing new material -- for Season 6 or possibly for the rumored "USS Callister" spinoff -- but Netflix has yet to officially announce Season 6 or any new Black Mirror content.

We got "Bandersnatch" as an interactive standalone event in December 2018, and then the three new episodes in June 2019. The first two seasons of Black Mirror also had three episodes, followed by the special "White Christmas," but then fans got spoiled with six episodes each for Season 3 and Season 4.

Charlie Brooker explained that "Bandersnatch" was originally part of Season 5, but it was so complex to film they decided to have it as a standalone entity, and separately release the three episodes we call Season 5.

Back in the day, we always used to do three. We looked at the other episodes we were working on in conjunction with 'Bandersnatch' and realized they complemented each other. Rather than make everyone wait for ages while we write some more, we thought: why don’t we put these out relatively close to 'Bandersnatch'? I can understand some people saying, 'Only three episodes? That’s not fair.' But they’re actually getting more Black Mirror in a short space of time than they’ve had before, because 'Bandersnatch' is about five-and-a-half hours and this season is about three hours. It’s kind of like an extra dessert.

If you're a Black Mirror fan, you're used to searching for clues, so Charlie Brooker's words to THR including "while we write some more" sounded like a good sign for Season 6.

TheWrap asked Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones if we'd be getting any new content this December 2019, since that's a traditional Black Mirror premiere month. The site asked specifically about both Black Mirror Season 6 and the rumors of a "USS Callister" spinoff. Brooker's voice got high when trying to dodge the question:

Both of those things are things we can’t say anything about. And the fact that my voice is getting higher doesn’t tell you anything. I was trying to see how high my voice could go there as a distraction from answering the question.

Annabel Jones noted that they're "always working" but Netflix hasn't given them the green light on anything official yet.

Whether Netflix will let us make it become Season 6 is another thing. But we’re constantly working out new ideas, yes.

She echoed that it's not clear what they can and can't say yet, since we're only one week out from the premiere of Black Mirror Season 5.

I was about to say if something is coming out in December, then I’m very anxious. But I don’t even know if I’m allowed to say that, so I’m going to say nothing.

The Hollywood Reporter also tried to get specifics on how many seasons of Black Mirror they envision.

Annabel Jones: You assume we want to do more? Have you seen these things? They may be optimistic to you, but, Jesus Christ!Charlie Brooker: (Laughs.) We’ll keep doing them until a voice in our brains commands us to stop.Jones: Or Netflix.Brooker: Yes, or Netflix!Jones: You know that voice inside your head, Charlie, is not yours — it’s actually Netflix.

Netflix has been notoriously cancel-happy lately. If Netflix cancels Black Mirror there would be an outcry, and maybe someone else would try to pick it up. The first two seasons of the British show aired on Channel 4, before Netflix bought the show in 2015 and we got on the six-episode track. But that means we just had our third season from Netflix, and Netflix tends to get particularly antsy about the cost of things after Season 3, based on their funky cost ratio.

However, Netflix would be crazy to dump Black Mirror if Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones have more to say, and it sounds like they do have more ideas. One of those ideas sounds connected to the popular Season 4 episode (and Emmy winner) "USS Callister."

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USS Callister co-star Jimmy Simpson previously told TheWrap that Charlie Brooker has "really fucking awesome" ideas for how Black Mirror could revisit the 2017 episode.

I will say, unofficially, that was– we’ve always talked about it. Charlie told me he had great ideas; I’m not holding him to that. [...] He said that it’s his favorite episode and he just wants it to live on.

And Charlie Brooker's voice got high in that interview when asked about Black Mirror Season 6 and a "USS Callister" spinoff, so I'm going to go ahead and read into that and hope a spinoff will be included in Season 6. The Black Mirror episodes always connect to each other through easter eggs, but this would be the first official spinoff -- if it happens.

Stay tuned for updates on Black Mirror Season 6, and go bug Netflix on Twitter -- basically the real Smithereen app -- to tell them you need another season.

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