Stephen King Got Salty By Calling For A TV Reboot Of Under The Dome

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Stephen King has something he would like to pitch. The horror author is ready for one of his previously adapted works to get the reboot treatment. What show does he want to have come back? That would be none other than Under the Dome. King’s 2009 novel had received the adaptation treatment via a CBS series that premiered in June 2013.

The Under the Dome TV series ran for three seasons and 39 episodes before concluding in 2015. Well, Stephen King is ready to bring the show back with a twist. He's calling for a total overhaul and he has an idea for which outlet should handle bringing it to bear. Check out King’s tweet below:

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Stephen King seems to be alluding to his feelings about how CBS’ Under the Dome series adapted his book. He points out that if Netflix were to bring back Under the Dome, he would want them to do the novel. This, of course, means that he wants them to tell the story that has already been written by him instead of, well, not doing that.

Also important to remember is that Stephen King wants to start from the ground up, which means no reprises from the original. The concept of Under the Dome does lend itself to quite a meaty Netflix series. For those unaware of the premise, here is a refresher.

The action takes place in the Maine town of Chester’s Mill and one day, all of the town’s denizens are cut off from the outside world when an invisible barrier settles around them. Unable to be penetrated, the dome barricades the townspeople from the outside world. With no supplies able to get inside, and no one able to get out, tensions quickly rise.

You can see why Stephen King’s vision would be a sound story to build a television series around. Having watched CBS’ take on it, I would be curious to see what Netflix could do. They have a chance to make it a little edgier than CBS could.

So, I do not think this is a bad idea at all! Stephen King wanting Netflix to handle it is not entirely surprising. Two film adaptations of King’s work (Gerald’s Game and 1922) were both streamed on Netflix in 2017. Another one is on its way, with In the Tall Grass set to arrive on the streaming giant this year.

Those are all movies, though. The TV show Castle Rock, which uses characters and settings from many of King's stories, is on Hulu and will be back for a second season. Meanwhile, Amazon is adapting The Dark Tower into a television series and just added Michael Rooker to its cast.

However, Netflix has clearly won out when it comes to Stephen King’s support for managing an Under the Dome redo. And it might have something to do with how the streamer handled its zombie drama, Black Summer, because the horror-meister has praised that show.

There are tons of things to watch on Netflix currently and in the future. Summer television is going to keep bringing the premieres, so stick with CinemaBlend for all the latest.

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