The Game Of Thrones Prequel Started Filming, And We Want To Know Everything

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Game of Thrones wrapped up its nearly decade-long run with a controversial eighth season. If you are still adjusting to the way that Cersei died (and actress Lena Headey wanted a better death) or you are repeatedly watching Jon Snow’s fake apology for the final season, it may be time to shift gears to the prequel.

There is finally an update on Game of Thrones prequel filming. The series has started shooting its pilot, according to EW. Like the show that started everything, the prequel is filming in Northern Ireland. Whether it will film elsewhere is reportedly unknown for the time being.

Perhaps filming will help settle the fate of the series’ title. Known alternatively as the “Game of Thrones prequel” or the “predecessor series,” it still does not have a name. Historically, HBO and George R.R. Martin have not been in agreement over the prequel’s title. An agreeable title should be arrived at sooner or later if the show gets ordered to series.

It is worth remembering that filming is underway for the pilot, not a full-blown series order. Game of Thrones fans ready to re-enter George R.R. Martin’s elaborate universe still have a pick-up to wait for. Filming getting started on the pilot is a huge step forward, though. HBO’s president previously explained why the network is taking its time with the series.

Following the first clues regarding the Game of Thrones prequel came casting news. Naomi Watts joined the cast as a socialite with a "dark secret." Sounds Cersei-ish, but who knows? Well, the team behind the project, but that is beside the point. Watts is part of a sprawling cast of characters.

As for the other potential spinoffs, one of them will not be getting made. Back in April, standout Game of Thrones contributor Bryan Cogman revealed that his prequel project had died. He has since moved on to a high-profile Amazon series: the Lord of The Rings television show.

Despite the unfortunate news surrounding that prequel’s fate, George R.R. Martin has updated fans on three spinoffs that are “still moving forward.” As for the currently filming prequel, Martin clarified the timeline and other aspects of it last year. Gone will be King’s Landing, the Iron Throne, and the infamous Targaryen family.

It will be interesting to learn if House Stark is in the mix. Starks could theoretically have a presence. The Starks have one of the oldest Houses in Westeros. Their line goes back eight thousand years. The prequel is set five thousand years before Game of Thrones, which means House Stark could be around.

Speaking of House Stark, there was excitement over the way that Arya Stark’s story ended in the series finale. Some fans were hoping for a spinoff series on the younger Stark sister. Those hopes were quickly reined in when HBO’s president of programming explained why she would not be getting one.

Time to focus on the spinoff that fans may be getting. Until there is a green light, a premiere date is tough to know. From late 2020 to spring 2021 is the reported timetable. Lots of summer television to catch up with as the pilot gets underway.

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