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Hallmark Is Getting A Holiday Baking Competition Show, And It's So On Brand

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Hallmark Channel is well-known and appreciated for its holiday movies. Those who are celebrating with some Hallmark goodness should know that what often goes best with watching one is a treat for your sweet tooth. Well, Hallmark apparently agrees (at least somewhat). The network is launching a baking contest for Christmas cookies!

Yes! The exciting news comes as Hallmark Channel has launched its search for prospective contestants. If you get a lot of compliments for your Christmas cookies, then Hallmark wants to hear from you, per backstage. The delicious-sounding cookie competition series will decide its winner based on criteria that includes both presentation and taste. The new series will be called Christmas Cookie Countdown.

Cookies are pretty much the musts for any holiday centerpiece. They have to look and taste the part. Sounds tasty and fun! Not only could you get a chance to show off your baking skills, but you could also win some holiday money. Winners will receive a cash prize of $25,000!

You have to be available at a time that is not precisely winter-holiday friendly. It will shoot from July 29 to August 4 in Los Angeles. Start sending in your submissions for Christmas Cookie Countdown now! That date is rapidly approaching. The good news is that Hallmark Channel is kicking off its Christmas movie slate super early this year. So, that should help get you into the Christmassy swing of things.

Those selected to participate will also get to "partner up" with some of Hallmark's television stars, which sounds like a... sweet... deal. It's a lot to consider, but you have to be 18 years or older to apply.

I think this show is a totally on-brand addition for Hallmark, and enthusiasts of the network will likely agree. The plot of the show also sounds right out of one of the channel’s movies. I can totally see a storyline where an aspiring baker is trying to win such a cookie contest, finding love along the way.

It is sort of along the lines of 2015’s Ice Sculpture Christmas and Lacy Chabert’s The Sweetest Christmas (pictured above). Both featured characters involved in Christmas-related contests. One, for the titular ice sculpture and the other around gingerbread baking.

The network has not been shy about spoiling viewers with an array of holiday content. They will be making a record number of movies this year. So, don't worry. You should not run out of ones to watch.

Among the record number will be the addition of Hanukkah movies to this year's holiday lineup. As well as a flick starring Legacies/The Vampire Diaries’ Matt Davis. It will be the actor’s first Hallmark Christmas movie! This should be a great year for Hallmark movie fans, with our without Christmas Cookie Countdown.

The baking contest is yet another sign that the network is going full-tilt with its holiday content. Hallmark has said it embraces the reputation it has for its movies. Along with its holiday-inspired offerings, Hallmark Channel has renewed one of its bewitching series and one of its costume dramas.

A premiere date for Hallmark Channel’s upcoming baking contest Christmas Cookie Countdown has yet to get released, so stay tuned. To tide you over during the wait for Hallmark’s holiday slate, check out this summer’s television premieres, which include Hallmark's Christmas in July slate.

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