Hallmark Channel Is Adding Hanukkah Movies To Its Holiday Lineup

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When it comes to the holiday season, there is a good chance you will watch your fair share of Hallmark's original movies. Before this year's lineup has even finished airing, plans for next year's are already underway. The network has announced it will be adding Hanukkah movies to its slate!

Hallmark has shared that it plans to air two original movies with Hanukkah themes, per Forbes. The originals are already in development, and they will air in 2019. In further news, we already know the title for one of the two films: It will be called Holiday Date, and it is currently being penned. Details on the other Hanukkah movie are not presently available.

It's not clear if that means Holiday Date is further along in development, and that is why there is no info yet on the other film. Hallmark movie fans are bound to learn more about both projects as production gets further underway.

In the meantime, we do have enough info to speculate about the plot of one of them. Holiday Date actually offers a lot of potential insight into what viewers can expect. It is not a lot to go on, but here goes.

Based on the title, it sounds as though a need will arise for one of the protagonists to have a date for an event. Hence, Holiday Date. As is the case with many Hallmark movies, this will probably lead to one of the protagonists taking someone they are not all that close to. It is a similar theme that can be seen in 2018's Mingle All the Way.

This plot usually unfolds by way of one of the main characters asking someone they do not know well to go with them, so they do not show up alone. They, of course, end up falling in love. So there will be a happy ending. There is another plot possibility as well -- still with a happy endgame.

Perhaps the Hanukkah movie's storyline will feature another popular arc. One of the main characters could be looking for the perfect "holiday date." In the midst of their search, they could be aided by their platonic best friend. Or so they think. In trying to find the perfect person to accompany them, maybe they realize the best date has been beside them, all along.

The latter plot is always one of yours truly's favorite Hallmark movie storylines. Taking this route gives the couple a built-in history. That move arguably gives the writers more to work with than a new flame that reaches full love in usually less than a month. Either way, these movies always entertain, and viewers will be tuning in.

Hallmark movie fans will have to wait an entire year to see the new Hanukkah movies. The wait will hopefully fly by quickly. Hallmark Channel's current slate of holiday movies will continue airing throughout the fall. Afterward, expect a dose of winter fun on television in the midseason.

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