The Vampire Diaries' Matt Davis To Star In His First Hallmark Christmas Movie

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Christmas has come early! The Vampire Diaries alum and current Legacies star Matthew Davis (Alaric Saltzman) will take a break from the supernatural to star in his first Hallmark Christmas movie. Let the wait for its premiere commence! Here is what you need to know about the upcoming movie.

Matt Davis has signed on to star in Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses, per an ET exclusive. Just as sweet as the title is the Hallmark movie’s premise. Davis will star as Nick, a local businessman in need of an interior decorator’s talents for his estate. That is where Jill Wagner’s Abbey comes into the story.

Abbey is a single mom, who has taken a considerable leap to pursue her dreams of interior design. The job decorating Nick’s estate could be the one that puts her career on the map. Complicating matters is one of those pesky Hallmark deadlines. That is the one that is seemingly insurmountable to complete at the beginning of the movie.

Nick needs the decorating on his likely-sprawling estate complete by Christmas Eve. Wow! That is a huge ask, but Abbey is going to go for it. The issue? Well, besides it being the busiest time of year, she will have to work through the barriers between her and Nick. There are several clues in the synopsis that are super insightful regarding this movie.

First off, it does not seem like Matt Davis’ Nick has any pre-existing history with Jill Wagner’s Abbey. Hence, this Hallmark movie will not feature a reconnection romance. What kind of romantic style will it have? There is a telling clue.

It is not said explicitly, but this sounds like it could be an "opposites attract" coupling. That Abbey has to break down the barriers between her and Nick hints that this will be a started-out-disliking each other plotline.

In other words, they spend most of the movie adversarial before starting to like one another at the mid-point. That is until "the 1:45" (winks). Don't worry. A happy ending should be more than manageable. The question the synopsis does not address is whether either character has lost their Christmas spirit. Maybe neither of them has.

As someone who loves Hallmark movies and thinks that Matt Davis is a fabulous actor, it has to be said -- this is such exciting news! Adding to the excitement is that the story, which is essential, sounds like a great one for Davis to make his debut. Jill Wagner is excellent in her Hallmark movies, so this installment will be anchored by a strong duo. This movie cannot arrive soon enough.

Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses will premiere alongside Hallmark’s slate of holiday movies. Stay tuned for a release date.

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